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Klassic Superstar 01-12-2011 05:18 PM

My dog has panic attacks? Need some help
I havea small dog, she just tunred 9 years old, and isa Westie/Jack/Poodle cross. waighs about 12 pounds and is adorable.

She is sensitive to loud sounds (thunder, fireworks ect) and will start shaking, she has always been this way. But this winter she has been starting un controable shaking randomly, and if I go to get up and just freaks out, littarlly grabs me and clings her wto forarms around my arms and whines and she pants and somtimes her eyes look a little off, she instsits on staying with me, I dont mind that but im getting a little worried. I came home today adn my mom told me she had another "shaking fit" last night.

she seems fine now. and is sleeping on the couch. Was good in the car today.

She was ina super bad wreck 9got hit and caught up in the wheel well of a car when she was only 3 months old or so and has internal stcihes, she had her daiphram break, her lung collapsed, and some cracked ribs. $5,000.00 later she came home, and was bouncing around agin within a few days of comming home. It was just horried, but that was 9 years ago. COUld this be connected to her shaking?


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