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RebeccaMI 01-13-2011 12:19 PM

saddle search part 5: my bedroom smells like tack
I decided to buy the M. Toulouse Padjette that I had on trail from the local tack place.

My friend took the saddle for me and not only put it on my horse's back and checked it out that way but girthed it up and lunged him for a little bit so she could really see how it fit. She's experienced (not only does she know lots about horses but she just went through the saddle search process herself) and she thought it fit nicely and he moved great in it, so the day after she did that I went and sat in it. I didn't feel comfortable doing anything more than just walking around in it (no stirrups on the saddle and I still didn't feel 100% better from the sinus infection I had), but even that felt GREAT, so much better than my old saddle! My friend also said that it improved my leg and seat position. The panels fit my horse nicely with me in the saddle, but the tree needs to be widened a smiiiidge, like an inch. The owner of the tack shop had said when I was there that the tree could be adjusted, so I decided to keep the saddle. (My friend said that's what she would do if she were me.)

I just couldn't pass up the half-off sale price on a saddle that fits me and my horse (or will, once I have the tree sliiiiightly adjusted). If I kept looking I'd most likely be finding saddles online and having them shipped to me to try out, and that gets expensive in a hurry. So, it's sitting on the window seat in my bedroom waiting for me to feel good and have time to take it back out to the tack store to pick up the matching leathers and irons and get the tree adjusted about an inch wider.

It's probably one of the very few expensive things I'll ever buy brand new in my life, LOL. And it was on sale, yay!

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