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MoonlightEm 04-04-2008 05:59 PM

Hi all - I just need some encouragement from all of you who happen to read this post. I've been riding for about 16 years but I'm 57 years old. I love horses and have since I was a kid!! But lately I'm getting discouraged about riding. My mare passed away last Nov. and I'm getting used to a new guy - a 10 year old Paint who is a sweety but can be fresh and did not come with as much training as I'd thought. I'm a pretty good rider but fell off last week and it did a number on me. A stupid fall on the trail - I should have been paying more attention. Now I am in pain in the neck region and lower back. Guess my question is - any old ladies who keep on truckin? I don't want to give up this sport as it's my passion but I don't want to hurt either. Sorry, all you kids who are young and resiliant. Should I invest in a different saddle? Take more lessons?
What to do? Em

appylover31803 04-04-2008 06:08 PM

i'm not old, but i did have a kind of nasty fall about a month ago. I wasn't expecting it at all and my back was hurting for a while. But i forgave the horse and have now been working on ground work with both of them.

I did ride after that, but i wore my vest too (along with my helmet) just incase. And honestly, having the vest on really gave me for confidence.

It wouldn't be bad to take a lesson or too. You might feel more comfortable because someone will be there with you, instead of you being my yourself.

And take your time! If you just need to groom your horse and take him for walks do that until you feel you're ready to go back into the saddle. :)

MoonlightEm 04-04-2008 06:20 PM

Thanks Appy
As I said, I can use any encouragement. I did go to the barn today and just brush him as we got some torrential rain in New England, so there was no riding to be had.
I'm just feeling like - hey, I've been riding pretty wild and fast for 15 years. Maybe I'll die riding but that's O.K. We've gotta do what we love, right? And it's a dangerous sport. Em

appylover31803 04-04-2008 06:33 PM

that's good that you just groomed him today. :)

It would be good to take it easy for a while until you recover.

I don't know what I'd do without riding. probably go crazy or something! And yes it is a dangerous sport, but i think that part draws me into it even more!

DGW1949 04-06-2008 02:06 AM

I'm an old guy.....soon to be 59.
I've lead a perty-eventfull life and there aint a day goes by that I don't hurt from one old injury or another. And yeah, like you, some days I look at my horse and wonder if I realy want to get on or not. But I allways do. I guess that I have to....because the only other option is to quit. And once ya start quiting, quiting gets easier each time...and the next thing you know, it's become a habit.

I don't know what kind of riding you do but you might look into a different saddle. And get one with enough size that you got's something to set down into....AND something to hang onto.
I don't see how in this world these youngsters stay on those English saddles....or one of them new-fangled lightweight fabric rigs either. And use a girth strap, breast-collar and head-tie if you got to. The important thing is that you get back on.

Good luck in your endevors.

MoonlightEm 04-09-2008 08:35 PM

Hey thanks for making me feel better! I've got a good horse and he WILL come around. We're ALL in this because we're drawn to the horse in some mysterious, magical way. I really believe that.
When I was only 5 I used to get up every Saturday morning and quietly creep downstairs to watch Boomtown - just to see Goldrush.
Tell me that my destiny is not to be with a horse? And I trust that I've been perfectly matched to the right one. Em

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