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OneFastHorse 01-13-2011 09:39 PM

Just some "new member" videos
If you lurk in this section, I'm sure you have seen my photos. Here are some fun videos:

This is Foxy at her first show this past fall as a 3yr old. This is just an XB lope through.

This is Teeka at her first show this past fall. The is the first time I ever asked her for more than a lope. Other than drifting towards the gate on the way home she did excellent.

This is the beginning stage of teaching Foxy to rear (on the ground only).

This is just a confo video I did of Foxy. She had just turned two (shes now 4).

This is a fun Challenge deal started on another horse forum. We have a new "challenge" every week and you are to go out and video your horse(s) first attempt at it. So far, neither of my two have done these specific things before so it was a lot of fun and of course, is not perfect since it is the first attempt at something they've never been asked to do before.

This is challenge 1. Backing through 2 barrels.



This is challenge 2. Lunging a figure 8 without stopping to change direction.

Foxy: She did her more finished rear trick at the end and I was attempting to get her to bow, but I didnt realize she was so close to the barrel, so it wasnt very good lol)


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