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mercerhorses 01-13-2011 10:13 PM

blind pony update/ plea for help
Sadly many of us remember Kahlua, the blind pony out of Mercer County, Pa, despite all the money you have donated to helping bring his killers to justice nothing has come of this case. Despite having raised over $10,000 in his name nothing came of it but what came of your money you may ask well it now lines MCHS (Mercer County Humane Societies) coffers. Many of you may say well its going to a good cause well I submit to you now another story of equine abuse and mistreatment out of Mercer Pa.
It has come to my attention through many many credible witnesses varying from the neighbors who called MCHS on a regular basis one of which is a Judge in the local appellate courts, to humane officers working as rescue representative trying to help these horses on to an ASPCA worker who had submitted her evidence to the DA to have warrants gotten to pull these poor horses.
The story as I know it 4 horses in Mercer County have been left outside with no water, food, shelter and one may presume vet care. The outraged neighbors called MCHS repeatedly only to get no response. When they finally sent a representative out to “evaluate” the situation they sent none other then Mrs Renee Dorogy , from the looks of things she was friends with the owners of said horses and nothing notable was changed in regards to these animals. Repeated calls continued to do nothing but someone made a call to the ASPCA in regards to these horses and Regina Martin formerly of the aspca and of Hog Haven Rescue,came out and found that these animals were in horrendous shape with no food, shleter or water as describe in numerous calls to MCHS. Regina Martin filed a warrant to get the horses removed from their care. Sadly it seems that Mrs Dorogy stepped in and told the DA that these horses were in fact healthy and under veterinary care. So the horses remained in their care. In a new years eve meeting again regarding these horse Mrs Dorogy claimed the reason one of the horses in question looked so thin was due to a diagnosed heart murmer though the veterinarian on the case for Equine Angels Rescue in Mars pa under Pam Vivirito and the horse owners vets both determined there was no heart murmer . All American Ponies Penny Dewoehrel made an attempt at verify these horses conditions on the 5 of Jan 2011 finding frozen water buckets and shelter only adequate for one horse, a pregnant mare with no access to any shelter and a bay horse with wavy mouth making it impossible to eat. The bay had disappeared the following day under claims that the owners boarded him. Shortly after Penny arrived on the scene Mrs Dorogy was contacted and put in contact with her in their defense. From reports of the rescuers Mrs Dorogy was far from professional with them and was overly friendly with the owners of these poor horses. We have also heard that this woman owns at least 26 dogs as well as these horses. Despite claiming to be the case for 18 months Mrs Dorogy could not provide any documentation to fellow rescuers who could not understand how the basic needs of these were not addressed in that time frame and how there was no pictures, vet records or anything to suggest that these owners were doing the right thing or Mrs Dorogy for that matter.
Mrs Dorogy has no background that can be proven except “doing rescues on her own” that would make for this job. She was in fact a convenience store clerk prior to 2 5 week training courses to offer her such authority. Fellow rescuers commented on her lack of knowledge, lack of professionalism and her poor demeanor. She was very reactive and defensive from most accounts. 2 new humane agents are coming on board Local News The Herald, Sharon, Pa.
Mercer County Conservatives the first article refers to Mrs Dorogy though her name has been misspelled.
I highly suggest you demand to know where your donations went and demand that Mrs Dorogy be held accountable for protecting the abusers of whom she is sworn to protect. When calling refer to the horses in Jasmestown, Pa . And demand Mrs Dorogy be replaced with someone with knowledge and background to support this position. MCHS can be contacted at 3005 East State Street
Hermitage, PA 16148 (724) 981-5445

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