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ropergirl 01-15-2011 03:25 PM

Show Prep.
Heres my routine,if you want you can post yours! :)

Most of my shows are on Saturdays and Sundays and are generally 1 to 3 hours away.I usually go on the morning before.My shows generally start at 9 am.

The Day/Night before,Friday.

6 am:Wake up
6:30 am:Feed Jumper and Penny
7 am:Goto the barn and get Jumper out of her stall(We take two horses)
7:15 am:Feed the horses(I've already fed Penny and Jumper)
8 am:Bathe Penny,I wash her body,head,and then legs.
8:30 am:Tie Penny up so she can dry
8:35 am:Saddle Jumper and go out for a ride
10 am:Unsaddle Jumper and put on Penny's fly sheet/mask then put her in her stall.
10:45 am:Bathe Jumper(Same order as I bathed Penny)
11 am:Tie Jumper so she can dry
11:15 am:Put my saddles and tack in the trailer then pack clothes,leg wraps,etc.
11:45:Eat lunch
12:30 pm:Put Jumpers fly sheet and fly mask on her and put her and Penny into the pasture.
Then I go change clothes,shower,and relax for a bit.
3:00 pm:Take off Jumper and Penny's fly mask and sheet then put them in thier stall and give them water and hay
3:45 pm:Clean thier fly sheets,coolers,etc.
4:15 pm:Relax
6:00 pm:Finish eating supper then go and feed the horses.

Saturday morning
4 am:Wake up and goto barn,feed horses,put hay in the hay bag,get buckets,etc. then load the horses
5:00 am:Leave for show
7 am:(We generally get there in 2 hours or so)Unload,set up panels,get ring info,sign in,and go take two buckets to the hydrant and get Penny and Jumper water
8 am:Paint hooves,saddle horses,etc.
8:45 am:Then I change clothes,put on makeup,etc.
9 am:(My events start at 10 am)Polish boots,get a snack,and put Penny's fly sheet and fly mask on her
10 am:Show!!!

Arksly 01-15-2011 04:11 PM

My shows tend to differ on days, times, and whether or not it's recognized. We usually leave two days before I actually show.

Here is my usual list.

The day before I leave (not always in theis order):
  • Clean all of my tack
  • Make sure all of my clothes are in order
  • Go for a light hack or trailride
  • Bathe Jesse
  • Just have fun with and talk to Jesse
The day I leave:
  • Bathe Jesse (again)
  • Load Trailer
  • Double check to see if everything is there
  • Leave (usually around 5-7pm)
  • Sign in to show office
  • Set up tack room
  • Ride
Day before showing
  • Bathe Jesse (he's a paint)
  • Wipe off tack
  • Take Jesse on a walk
  • Study my tests
Day of showing
  • Spot clean Jesse
  • Wipe down tack
  • Do my pre-game talk to Jesse
  • Warm up (about 30min of a lot of suppling exercises)
  • Do test
  • Cool off
I usually feed him grain and hay at 8am, noon, and 6pm. Then we'll come back at 8-9pm to give him some hay and check him over. I will also walk him before each feeding and whenevey I'm bored.

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