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starlinestables 01-15-2011 08:03 PM

Whats your barn's blanket policy?
  • Does your barn charge for blanketing or is it included?
  • If it's an extra charge, how much?
  • Any rules about blanketing?
  • How many blankets does your horse have and why?

My blanket policy is: blanketing is included for the stall boarders but I charge a $1 each time for pasture boarders (they have shelters).

I am having a couple of issues with blankets...

#1 Here in Texas it will be 60 or 70 one day and then snow the next. When this happens, I do believe that the horse should at least have a rain sheet to keep them dry.. This happened last week and none of the horses (Except for mine) had blankets. So I ended up putting all MY sheets and old blankets on 12 of my pasture horses.

#2 We are not a show barn, and horses go out during the day come in at night. They stay in if its raining or still really muddy. The PROBLEM I'm having is keeping everyone's blanketing preferences straight because people are not blanketing properly. I have people that want me to turn horses out in cotten stable sheets and quilted blankets! It's winter people.. that means there is mud some where, which means moisture and wet spots on blankets...?

I have one that bought a nice higher neck turn out. A few days later she bought a quilted stable blanket and matching neck cover and put that on him in the stall but left no instructions. Her "mentor" that tells her how to do everything is one of the others that wants her horse turned out in a sheet so we went ahead and turned him out in his stable sheet.

It's driving me a little nuts... My horses have their medium weight turn out for 40 and below and then a rain sheet if I need to keep my horses clean in warmer weather. If my horses are not doing anything, they don't get blanketed at all unless there's a rapid weather change. SIMPLE! I don't know why they even sell stable blankets in Texas... to me they are simply worthless. I don't know why people buy anything their horse can't be turned out in (exception being slinkies under turn outs).

(rant over) ;o)

corinowalk 01-15-2011 08:30 PM

My barn doesn't charge to blanket, it is included.

If you aren't totally upfront with your blanketing preference and you don't provide the appropriate blanket for the appropriate weather, your horse doesn't get a blanket. The end.

Maybe come up with a simple weather questionaire for the boarders to fill out.

If it is raining, I would like my horse:
a. Kept in
b. Blanketed and turned out
c. Turned out

If it is below 30 degrees, I would like my horse:
a. Kept in
b. Blanketed and turned out
c. Turned out

I would just put a little disclaimer at the bottom recommending something medium weight and waterproof. It might just calm everyone down.

I am up here in the frosty North and we don't blanket unless the horses are we *AND* cold.

Brighteyes 01-15-2011 08:36 PM

1.) Blanketing included.

2.) N/A

3.) No barn-wide rules, just my personal preferences. My horse is pastured 24/7. If it drops into the 30s, I request that she has her blanket put on -- a medium weight waterproof turnout. If it's raining AND chilly, blanket on. Last week, the entire state iced over. I had her trailered to another barn that had a spare stall, to keep her out of the ice. If that happens again, I want my horse in a stall. They can get ice in their manes and chill them up quickly, or get ice in their feet. Since we rarely snows or ices around here, we don't keep snow pads or anything on our horses.

4.) She owns one: medium weight waterproof turnout. In central Georgia, stable blankets are useless. I may buy a rainsheet one of these days though.

starlinestables 01-15-2011 08:48 PM

I like that idea! Needs some more details though... Texas makes blanketing really difficult because its 65 during the day and 30 at night.. so blankets literally are put on and taken off EVERY day... very time consuming.

I'm about make a rule.. only 1 winter turn-out and one rain sheet and charge for anything else. In the summer, fly sheets and fly masks are permitted. How does that sound?

Arksly 01-15-2011 09:01 PM

That sounds good.

1. My barn does charge for blanketing.
2. I'm not 100% sure. I think it's around $25 a month.
3. Only horses borded inside have access to blanketing.
4. Jesse has one waterproof winter blanket and a neck attachment because he is clipped (trace clip + underside of neck). Miss Kitty doesn't have a blanket on because she isn't in sweat-inducing work yet so there is no need.

Delfina 01-15-2011 09:13 PM

Blanketing is included in my board.

Blanketing is up to the discretion of the BO (who is also my trainer). We have similar type weather as you, only more extreme. So we can go from 60 during the day to below zero at night. So blankets go on and off, on and off, sheet, lightweight, heavyweight and on and on. Horses are outside an average of 12 hours daily unless weather causes the footing in the pasture to be unsafe or the wind is so bad the horses are demanding back in.

Generally, my horse is blanketed at night in her stall as some of the stalls in the barns have attached runs, so the wind whips through and makes the barn cold. During the day she is usually outside and not blanketed. Now if it's bitter cold but pasture footing is good, she goes outside in her blanky during the day and then if the barn runs are closed off at night due to wind, she'll have her blanky removed.

I have 5 blankets for my QH. A thin fleece stable blanket, a quilted stable blanket, a midweight turnout (most often used), a crappy midweight turnout and a heavyweight canvas turnout.

The crappy midweight and the heavyweight are *extras*, so if something happens, the BO has backups. Normally she wears the midweight turnout but if she's been wearing it outside and it's damp or needs to air out, it gets switched for the stable blanket at night.

My poor lil Morgan whom I just purchased has no blankies. He has one heck of a winter coat so he is doing ok while we wait for his new blankies to arrive. My poor BO checked on/re-hayed him hourly the past few nights when it was neg. 15 and he was did fine. Because he has no blanket (and none of the other horses are his size), the stall runs are shut off right now to keep him warmer.

All blankets are at the request of the BO. If what I own already isn't sufficient, she tells me what I need to go purchase.

corinowalk 01-15-2011 09:45 PM

I think that rule sounds fair. I think a nice medium weight waterproof turn out would work well. If it will work for us frozen northerners, it should certainly keep texas horses warm! *laugh*

Not to mention, for your basic canvas, waterproof turn can get those pretty reasonably priced for those boarding on a budget.

faye 01-15-2011 11:57 PM

I'm on DIY livery so I am responsible for rugging my horses.

Reeco who didnt bother to grow a winter coat has had a tripple layered fleece on at night and a HW full neck turn out on during the day.

When It got down to -20c here i was double rugging him, he had his fleec and his turnout on at the same time!

call me soft if you want to but this pony didnt even bother to grow a winter coat. There is nothing there! his summer coat and winter coat are exactly the same!

zurmdahl 01-16-2011 10:41 AM

At my barn we don't even have the option to pay for blanketing, we have to do it ourselves. Lucky our horses grow really thick winter coats and only really need to be blanketed in the rain/snow. It's really a pain as I don't want them to have their blankets on in their stalls because I worry they will get hot and sweaty but if we don't put them on the night before they won't get put on in the morning and then they'll be cold. I really wish we had the option to pay for blanketing.

raywonk 01-16-2011 10:44 AM

most barns that are training facilatys do not charge extra that i have been in. and as to how many my horses have had a biger wordrobe than i do.

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