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Sarahandlola 01-16-2011 11:50 AM

She won't stand still!
Today Lola was being way worse than usual! When I tried to tighten her girth she kept walking away. She never walks away when her girth is tightened but she does move around when I try to get on her. Which she did again today only worse.I use a mounting block to get on her and she kept swinging her butt away from it and walking around it. I eventually had to just jump on while she was walking. I checked her back before and after I rode her and it is fine. Is she in pain or being a pain? Also sometimes while I am riding her she pins her ears back. Mostly in trot. Then she decides to have a canter herself but I am not really worried about that. I just don't want her to be in a bad mood while I am on her and while I try to get on or tighten the girth...I heard somewhere when horses don't like their girth tightened they have cold back? Could that be it. and if so does it go away?

Sarahandlola 01-16-2011 06:18 PM

Nothing ? =)

TKButtermilk 01-16-2011 08:00 PM

My horse used to do this, she was a rescue and was used to getting away with murder. I eventually got fed up and when she'd move I would lunge her in small, quick circles, driving her the whole time. I would do about 3 circles and ask her to whoa, then get on like nothing happened. If she tried to move again I would do the same thing. She learned VERY quickly and I haven't had a problem since! (: it also helped a ton with tying her and putting on her bridle. I didn't have to do the exercise to teach her to not try and walk off while tied or bridling, she just seemed to bettee understand what I was asking.
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LJohnson 01-17-2011 12:07 AM

I think the challenges your facing are indicative of a wide range of possible causes. I have a rescue mare than went through some of these behaviors. She squirmed when I tightened her girth, moved off when mounting, and often went up a gate without a que from me. I was getting really frustrated, until I checked her teeth and realized she had major sharp points, and was rightfully evading anything that related to riding. Barring a dental issue, there are several health related things that you should check off the list before assuming Lola is just being a pain. Feet, teeth, back, tack fit, are good starting points. Given there are no health or tack pains, try moving Lola around from the ground before riding. See if you get the pinned ears at the trot before you mount her. If she evades you when mounting, put her in a spot where she can only swing towards you. Block her movement forward, backward, and away. If she walks off before you ask, immediately back - several steps fast. Dismount and do it again. I hope this helps some. Let us know what you find and how it all works.

Five Furlongs 01-17-2011 05:29 AM

I know you said you checked her back but my friend had the same problem with her horse. He would pin his ears when he went into the trot, or any gait, but mostly the trot. He had back pain and she got a chiropractor to come out and work with him. He even got accupuncture! It helped wonders and made him less irritable and enjoy his work more. Maybe that would be something to look into?

Sarahandlola 01-17-2011 06:33 AM

Yeah I will get someone to check her out. She only had one shoe on when I rode her. I never noticed she lost one. Would that make her a bit moodier?

Five Furlongs 01-17-2011 08:40 AM

If she were in pain it might? but you might have noticed her a bit gimpy if she were. can't tell for sure.

Sarahandlola 01-17-2011 08:43 AM

While I was on her she felt off. She is getting her feet shod today so I will see what she is like after

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