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kaleebreann 01-17-2011 11:19 PM

Meet my horse Peppy Doc Gold!! Would love input
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Hey everyone! This is Peppy, my 15.2 hh 14yr old finished reiner. Out of Body English and Peppys Bloomers, like 90% foundation bred. Has Doc Bar and so on his bloodlines. He was given to me by my bf's aunt and uncle. He is very rusty so we are working on dusting off the cob webs. He wasn't ever reined hard, I think just shown a couple times. When the aunt and uncle had him up for sale at a barn the people were supposed to ride him and show him to interested buyers. But when they came to check on him he was completely emaciated. Anyway long story short I have him now. He is a sweet boy, and really fun to ride.

He has a KILLER spin, and a pretty nice stop. I have really gotten him to jog nice without his head up in the air. Loping wise we are a lot better. He used to have like no body control (been years since he was really worked), go around super fast, and not pick up leads well. Now he is slowing down, but still not easy to really control his body. I think its just that he needs more muscling. Also leads are not 100%. What I've been doing is lots of transitions (walk to canter, and back down) stopping and doing rollbacks to the other direction. It really seems to help him get on his hind and have him slow down. When I ask for a lead he doesn't want to bend, he fights me when I try and get him to do it correctly, he just wants to be a board. Does anyone have any tricks and exercises? I can't show until i have his lope under control, fast and slow circle, and flying change. I just want a nice relaxed lope, he's bending, supple, and easy to move him around.

I would love input on working on his lope, but I would also love to hear what you think of my Pepper. Pics arent the best, his mane has grown out since the pics as well. I want to learn about his conformation, how it matches up with what to look for in a reiner. I will put up some more recent ones as soon as I can. The last couple are for fun, they are from a photo shoot about a month ago. I also want to put up a video so you guys can see him move. oh and his pastern angle is off because he had no heel when i got him, so the farrier and i have been fixing that. we were just able to take ofhe looks so much better.
pics go from old to new

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Rawlo 01-17-2011 11:47 PM

Solid boy...looks ok, I like the last two photos you've posted puts him at a nice angle...keep up what your doing. I have just started my new mare two so I'm doing all the same stuff...and I'm picking the brian of every reiner and cutting person I talk too for advise...keep me posted on how he goes...friend me to, if ya want, I'm always open to new friends & advise.

kaleebreann 01-17-2011 11:55 PM

Thanks!!! I will try and get better photos, i don't think some of the pics do him justice. I would try and get lessons, but I need another job first...How long have you been working with your mare? I have a hard time because he is really well trained, more than I am...So I wish i knew more of what to do. Its hard when they are super trained and rusty.

tinyliny 01-18-2011 03:07 AM

I don't have a lot of advice on the lope right now. too sleepy.
But I thought the last two photos of you and your horse were adorable. He is a big, stocky boy and pretty typey for a qh. wish his feet were bigger.

kaleebreann 01-18-2011 12:15 PM

yeah his feel aren't the biggest or smallest i have seen on qhs, but the farrier says he nice hooves though. Which is good. thanks tinyliny. Does he have any confo defects??

kaleebreann 01-18-2011 07:45 PM

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Took a new pic of him today for everyone, hopefully a better shot. sorry for the mistake on his hind legs (shaved line), I tried to fix it as best as I could. Anyway his mane is growing back nicely,going to put MTG on it again soon. Let me know your thoughts on his confo, and feel free to be specific!

So I got out my reining book, World Class Reining, I love it a lot. I totally recommend it. I am going through it again to try and get tips that will help Peppy and I get better. I know it's going to be a long road ahead.

Does anyone have any good exercises to help him build muscle so he can gain control of himself in the lope?? I think once he is balanced, supple, and able to be steered around the arena with ease speed control will be easier to accomplish.
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lahorsewhisperer 01-18-2011 08:56 PM

For my horse during the summer to build muscle and stamina I swim him in our pond, it is made for swimming horses we have a short lap route or a longer lap route. He gets swam once a week 2 long laps with short walking break in between or 4 short laps with 1 walking break after two laps. Another thing I love to to is trot up and down hills a lot, collection work, I spend a lot of time with trotting work bending, lengthening, and collecting. I work a lot on body control at the walk then trot and when I feel he is fully ready and responsive enough we begin the canter or loping work. Maybe that helped...wish you all the best in your new horsey adventure!

kaleebreann 01-18-2011 10:46 PM

Thanks!! I have heard he loves to swim, but I have no where I can do that. We are also in Washington, so outside stuff is hard because all of the ground is wet and gross. I also don't have anywhere to do hills either...totally flat land, which is weird cause most everything has hills in our area...But I will keep keep working on body control, bending, and collecting.

Rawlo 01-18-2011 11:38 PM

Hi Kalee,

I have just purchased my mare and she hasn't done any reining at all! She has only done Junior eventing & a bit of pony club...I bought her only a week before Christmas 2010 so she is very new! She's only had half a dozen rides over the last 3 years so when I jumped on I thought if I was going to see any dirt it would be then...but she didn't do anything and she is very leg responsive...I just need to slow her down because she to is rushing about.
If you do lots of slow work as I am...walk, halt, trot, holt and if response is slow in either gate back a few steps, your boy will start responding to you, I'm also working on turns getting the basics set in place to get my mare to understand to tuck her bum in and bring her front around...she was such a log but she is now slowly starting to understand and your boy sounds quite accomplished with the spin but remember that lots and lots of ground work is needed also!
As far as your question about building muscle trot work is very good for correct muscle as is swiming and will help your boy balance up...question, how is your balance...have you ever had someone tell you how your actions are speaking through to your horse...if your seat / balance is off that will comunicate down to your horse...for example your horse in particular should be very responsive to how heavy you sit in the saddle, he should change direction for you just through a simple wieght change from you. My Mare is very responsive in this way and to leg I'm happy with the way she is picking up the basics to start reining for never ever doing anything of this nature before so I'm really just poking about with her to see how she picks things up, it's a slow process but perseverance will see you where you want to go...above all don't get frustrated enjoy every moment and your horse/horses will to.
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lahorsewhisperer 01-19-2011 07:44 AM

Oh also I have another Idea that in a round about way has helped me get my horse responsive to my seat! Here it is- First of all I love Clinton Anderson and his training techniques and this is one of them, He teaches how to do a one rein stop, now even if you can stop your horse and slide this will help him to start paying attention to your seat, because before you pick up the reins to stop you count to three slowly and relax and sit down in your saddle, then you stop you can just stop normal or you can one rein it, I do both depending on the horse if he is still going just as fast as he was before I sat then I one rein stop but if he slows down a hair I just stop using both reins. For me doing this at first was about getting him to learn to one rein stop in case I ever needed it, but I began noticing that he really started paying attention to my seat and my body, I can just exhale and sit back and he will slow down according to how much I relaxed. Now my horse hasn't been taught to spin or slide but we can make the prettiest fast and slow circles you have ever seen with out me touching my reins. And as the previous person stated Trotting work really helps to build muscle! Do you do any ground work with him?

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