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mysugarap 01-18-2011 11:35 AM

6 year old tb for sale
located in ohio
Issy is a 6 year old mare-Awesome Pedigree-All Around Horse. She is out of Lasting Approval and Swush. Sire won 510,266 and her grandfather With Approval won 2,863,540 and he in the horse hall of fame. She also has Secretariat on her fathers side and Bold Ruler on both sides. She rides English and bareback! She loves to jump and is currently jumping 2ft while being lunged. She would make a nice English pleasure or hunter jumper. She has the movement for dressage. she would also make a wonderful broodmare. she has the bloodlines and the beaty to make her an awesome broodmare. She hauls nicely in a trailer and loads every time. She would make a great endurance horse/hunter jumper. she needs at least an intermediate rider. She is up to date on all of her shots. She was raced on the track, she won 46,000. She loves people and is very sweet.She has some trust issues when it comes to new people, but when she gets to know you she will do anything you ask her to do. she stands for the farrier and vet. This horse can go in any direction because she is calm, smart, and willing. You can email me at or call or text me at 330 998 1705 i am asking 2500 obo.

mysugarap 01-20-2011 11:54 AM

mysugarap 02-02-2011 02:45 PM

look at this beatiful mare

sarahver 02-02-2011 02:49 PM

She looks like a sweetheart, good luck selling her. Might I suggest a different photo for your ad? The lighting in the current photo doesn't do her justice and a piccie of her under saddle will give buyers more of an idea as to her potential and suitability.

ETA: I just saw the vid. Still, a better photo would make her look more appealing. All the best, it is a tough market at the moment.

mysugarap 02-03-2011 08:29 AM

i put up anther photo i am going to ride her tonight and post better pics up of her...thanks for the info

Speed Racer 02-03-2011 09:48 AM

You need to change her age, too. If she was born in May 2003, that makes her 8 y/o, not 6.

mysugarap 02-03-2011 11:47 AM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 914826)
You need to change her age, too. If she was born in May 2003, that makes her 8 y/o, not 6.

shes 7 not 8 but she wont be 7 until may

Speed Racer 02-03-2011 11:49 AM

2003 to 2011 will make her 8, not 7. I have a horse who was born in 2004; he'll be 7 this year. If your mare was born in 2003, she'll be 8 in May.

It's simple arithmetic; a horse born in a certain year minus the current year is a particular age. Either she was born in 2004, which will make her 7 this year, or she was born in 2003, which will make her 8. Your ad states she was born in 2003.

mysugarap 02-04-2011 07:28 AM

i look at her papers and she was born in 2004 i didnt do the math right

NittanyEquestrian 02-04-2011 11:07 AM

I highly doubt you will get $2500 out of her. She is stiff, under muscled and looks like she just came off the track. Why would someone put $2500 into her when they can go straight to the track or even a local auction house and pick up almost the same horse for a couple hundred bucks? I would consider putting a lot more time/training into her or seriously reducing your price if you need to sell her soon.

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