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RebeccaMI 01-18-2011 05:37 PM

Please share your easy tasty recipes with me!
After suffering with daily pain and discomfort since 2002, my Mom is having surgery on February 1 at University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor. There is a specialist in her condition there and he is finally in her insurance network. She's expected to come home after four or five days at the hospital and spend seven or eight weeks recovering at home. Picking up the slack at home will be up to my Dad, my brother, and me since Dad has no siblings and Mom's siblings are still helping out with household work at my grandparents' house (following Nana's hip replacement last fall). The main thing I'm worried about is meals (because I know there will be days when I get home from work and just have no energy to cook much of anything), so if anybody has any easy tasty recipes to share, I'd love to have them!! We're not very picky; just no super-spicy things or weird ingredients that are hard to get. Oh, and to keep my Dad and brother happy, meat should be involved somehow.

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