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WithABitOfHope 01-18-2011 06:02 PM

Snickers, I will f i x y o u <3
Here's a video I made of my pony and I. He means everything and more to me.

Please read this, so you can fully understand Snickers and all we have been through together in the past year.

Just one year ago, Snickers found me. He came to us with severe founder in all of his feet, to the point where we couldn't walk him out of the trailer and into his stall. The first time I remember seeing him was when I walked into his stall and he was laying down, but somewhere he picked up the strength to lift his neck and look at me. At that moment I knew that he had chosen me. I had to look out for him. I believe that God sent him towards me to save me, not for me to save him. The vet gave him a 15% chance of walking and being a pasture pet one day. My trainer asked me what I thought we should do, and I just told her that I would do anything to help this pony. After months of gaining back his ability on his feet, he has amazed and touched everyone's hearts. We proved them all wrong, they said he would never be able to be ridden again. Every day, we come back and we prove them wrong. I never imagined I would ride him, then I never imagined cantering him, then I never imagined jumping him, then I never imagined jumping him over a 2' 3" oxer, and now, I imagine everything. He gives me the power to dream beyond expectations.

When I tell people that this tiny 12.1 pony changed my life, they look at me and just smile. But truly, he has taught me more than anything else on this earth. He taught me that giving up doesn't always have to be an answer. Everyday I am so thankful that I never gave up on him, I just kept trying. My faith in God has grown so much because Snickers is my little miracle God has given to me. After only one year, I now know what it means to love. He is the most important thing to me on this world, we need each other. We are part of each other, and he has given me the knowledge of what it means to love unconditionally. Some days he's an idiot, and so am I, but in the end of the day, I will always know that I have his love. And that in it's self is more than I could have ever asked for.

In between surviving your illness and touching the hearts of everyone at Owl's Nest Ranch, you saved me, and I hope I fixed you, Snickers. Thank you, for everything.

I hope you all enjoy :)

cher40 01-18-2011 07:09 PM

aweee beautifully done video...made me tear up. You are both truly lucky to have found each other.

Gizmo 01-18-2011 07:51 PM

Awe... that made me tear up too! He is lucky that he has you. Gizmo foundered right after I got him and we still don't know why. But I was torn apart. The vet said there is always the possibility that he won't make it and it just broke me heart. I stayed with him day and night for three days! Then he started getting better. It was a month when the farrier came back and she said with my quick action and care for him he recovered so... well. She said if she weren't there that day and hadn't had known that he foundered she wouldn't have known. So I got permission to ride him. We are riding lightly for now still. But she says in a year to a year and a half everything in his front legs will be back to normal.
It is a miracle with being foundered so badly that Snickers made it. You must have worked really hard for him. Best best of luck to you and enjoy your pony!

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