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azhorseluvr1222 01-18-2011 09:49 PM

Rice Bran and Biotin questions
I have Brown on 14 pounds of alfalfa/bermuda pellets and 1 pound Integrity Lite Low Starch. While I have upped his feed by a couple of pounds a day I wanted to know what others expierences with Rice Bran and Biotin were. He is still slightly underwieght and we are working on his muscling up. His coat and hooves are also pretty dry and flaky. I wanted to add something and so far I have seen that biotin is good for the hooves and coat and Rice Bran adds fat with out adding carbs. There is a product by TDI horse feeds called Competition Conditioner that I was looking at. Would adding this stuff make my horse hyper? Has anyone used either product with any success for the reasons I am trying to use them. I was also looking at Equidae Coastal feed, it has rice bran as well. Sorry so long and thanks for reading.

Rachel1786 01-18-2011 10:56 PM

I just started my old gelding on rice bran, but he hasn't been on it long enough to see a result under this thick winter coat, but a few months ago i started my OTTB mare on biotin a few months ago, she had shoes on when i got her at the end of may and once i pulled the shoes her feet were terrible, they were always flaking and chipping, but now her feet look great, she went almost 10 weeks before a trim and her feet were still in great shape, no chipping at all, even the farrier commented on how great they look

azhorseluvr1222 01-18-2011 11:05 PM


OneFastHorse 01-19-2011 07:39 PM

They are both great supplements and neither should make him hot, but you should try proper nutrition first. If you are only feeding 1lb of the Integrity, that is not nearly enough to meet his nutrition amounts. The feeding directions state up to 2/3lb per 100lbs of body weight. If you are only feeding 1lb per day and he weighs more than 200lbs, then he is very lacking in the nutrition dept. This alone could be why you are not happy with his weight or feet. Get the proper nutrition to him and you will be surprised at the changes you see =)

Another alternative would be to switch to a ration balancer. They are highly concentrated and designed to be fed at 1lb/day (for the average horse). They provide complete & balanced nutrition.

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