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Gillian 01-19-2011 02:12 PM

Looking for a job in Gainesville (FL) area.
Hey there, I am a 19 year old horse lover who is currently horseless and jobless. I need to find employment while I'm not in school so that I can take over my bills and stop leaning on my family financially.

I am looking for employment in the Gainesville area. I have worked at a horse boarding/training facility before in my hometown, but am unfamiliar with this area and have no idea where to start looking. I "managed" the barn during the weekends, which involved doing all of the chores all day, as well as answering any questions or complaints that the boarders had and doing my best to keep everyone happy. Fed in the morning, turned out all 30 of the horses, mucked all the stalls, watered, threw lunch hay, brought the horses in, and fed in the evening before turning it over the the night staff and calling it a day.

I have been working with/riding horses since I was 6, and have leased several during this time. Unfortunately I have never been able to afford to buy a horse, but one day I will. I am completely comfortable working with horses of all sizes and do not take any crap from them either. On that same note I know my limitations, and do not take unnecessary risks. I am very upfront about what I feel I can handle and what I can't.

I am reliable, learn quickly, and don't mind working hard. I am not afraid to ask questions because I like to do things exactly right, and do not half a** anything. I am all about caring for your horses your way.

My schedule is wide open and I can work anytime.

If I've missed anything please let me know!
I'm easily reached by email, and will give my number by PM if you are interested.

Thank you for your time!

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