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ilovemyhorsies 01-20-2011 11:12 AM

Pony Sized Gear, :\
I've noticed that the well-known brands (Weathabeeta etc.) don't seem to sell any good looking, high denier (my little gelding tends to rip his rugs to shreds by the time the winter season is over) pony rugs in size 4.9''.

The 'cut-off' for the 'good' rugs seems to be 5.0'' which just hang off my little (albeit very very chubby) welsh pony.

Another problem are finding good quality Pony size bridles in Horseland stores. I want to buy my welsh a quality bridle that I can use in the shows, but any 'decent' bridles seem to come in only 'Cob, Warmblood or Full'. Much too large for my boy's fine head.

I know it must sound like I'm not looking anywhere, but I've not much choice for stores in Victoria/South Australia. I've tried Google, and eBay but there's just so much and most seem to be unsuitable or from far off places.

I was just wondering if anyone here know of anywhere within Victoria or South Australia that I could source my Pony stuff from? Links much appreciated!

I have this same problem with my gigantor Clydesdale too :lol:. Maybe I should look for 'normal sized' horses haha!

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