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beauforever23 01-21-2011 08:34 AM

i guess you don't know how to ride!!
You know what I hate more than people? STUPID PEOPLE!!!

I have my horse up for lease and on the ads it says "needs a strong and confident rider, because he will test the waters!" and I get a call and this is pretty much how it went. I REALLY hate stupid people!!

Q: I am looking for a horse to lease, although I don't have much experience.
A: well how much experience do you have? (if any)
Q: I've had 2 lessons from a friend.
A: what kind of riding are you looking to do?
Q: i'm looking for a horse I can take out on trail. walk/trot/run. (exactly what she said)
A: okay well my horse is good on trail but, he does need a(n) experienced and confident rider. one who can kick his butt when he needs it and be able to control him. he will test the waters.
Q: okay but, is he good on trail?
A: yes but, once again he needs an experienced and confident rider.
Q: why?
A: because he's for advanced riders.
Q: what does that mean? (although didn't I explain that like 2 mins ago to her?)
A: means I need someone who can get on him and control him
Q: do you have tack or should i bring my own?
A: no, i have tack but, if you would like you can bring your stuff from home.
Q: do i need a helmet?
A: yes! i require a helmet for everyone!
Q: would I have to tack up or will you?
(you wanna lease the horse but, don't know how to tack up a horse?)
A: you will have to tack up, i will not always be there to guide you!
Q: can i come to see him? is there anything i will have to sign?
A: you will have to sign a lease agreement before any money is exchanged or anything. I do also require that if you are under the age of 18 you need a parent to be with you AT ALL TIMES
Q: okay i have to go. thanks. i'll get back to you.

there are so many things wrong with that picture.
#1- how come when i say I need a lease agreement signed you IMMEDIATELY have to run?
#2- why do you expect me to tack the horse?
#3- you're not experienced but, want to ride a horse that NEEDS an experienced rider
and the list goes on and on and on!!!!!

Sorry but, keep moving!!!! I'm not going to let an inexperienced rider take my horse on trail and god forbid she can't handle him, he runs off, she gets thrown into a tree, ends up in a hospital and I get sued? Nope, Nu uh, not going to happen!!! keep moving!!!


kitten_Val 01-21-2011 09:20 AM

Ha-ha! That's pretty normal. When I was working in trail stable we had people ALL the time telling us how great riders they are and how they cantered on horse, so they want one forward strong horse for the ride. Hmmmmmm...... OK..... And then they didn't know how to approach a horse to get on..... :D

beauforever23 01-21-2011 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by kitten_Val (Post 897720)
Ha-ha! That's pretty normal. When I was working in trail stable we had people ALL the time telling us how great riders they are and how they cantered on horse, so they want one forward strong horse for the ride. Hmmmmmm...... OK..... And then they didn't know how to approach a horse to get on..... :D

Lol. Makes me scratch my head. Why?? I mean ughhhh!

I'm baffled. I laughed after she hung up the phone on me though.

SkyeAngel 01-21-2011 11:05 AM

Haha! Now that really IS bad. Why on earth would you lease them a horse that they need you to tack up for them?? Sigh.

At least it was just on the phone though. A few months back I advertised my gelding for sale coz i didnt have time for him. I got a couple of calls from people who wanted to come and see him, both times we set up a time and date. Both times, no one turned up, which mega annoyed me as both times I booked he riding school, arranged for my instructor and another rider to be there so they could see him with different riders, and have the benefit of asking my instructor questions also, as well as for her to check them out. Nothing ever came of it, and eventually i managed to re-balance my schedule so i had more time for him, i decided not to sell, and forgot all about it.
Then I got an email about him, I figured I would follow it up and if he sold, he sold, and if he didn't, i'd keep him and lease him out if things got complicated again time-wise. I exchanged several emails with a lady who sounded knowledgeable, and was in fact a trainer who was helping her pupil search for a pony. Great! They asked lots of questions, and said he sounded perfect for what they want, and they wanted to come and see him.

Bearing in mind i said clearly in my ad " NOT a novice ride, as he can be spooky. This horse needs a competent rider who can give him confidence"

(basically my pony is fine if you are posititve and firm with him, but is spooky with nervous riders - I explained this as well as i could in my emails)

So they turn up, it's the WINDIEST day I've ever seen. Noisy, trees and leaves blowing around all over the place.

We rode him to show him off, he was 'looky' but ok. The instructor rides him, he's fine, the lady who wants to buy him gets on and she's all hunched up and scared to take him anywhere. She and her instructor then begin to explain that her warmblood is a bit crazy and she's lost her confidence, and basically wants "something she can just get on and go anywhere and not have to worry"

I was quite annoyed, what part of "not a novice ride, needs confident rider, can be spooky" sounded suitable for someone that wants a bombproof confidence-giver. Argh!

Anyway, sorry for going off on one. But I feel your pain. Just be glad it was only a phone call!

Alwaysbehind 01-21-2011 11:08 AM

Since your ad said up front you wanted a more experienced rider I am not sure why you continued the conversation when they said they had only taken two lessons from a friend.

beauforever23 01-21-2011 11:14 AM

SkyeAngel i would have had a cow if people did that to me. I get emails everyday but, they always back out when I tell them that he needs a confident and experienced rider because they don't want the trouble of a horse like that.

It says it on my ad so, if you don't want something like that than DONT email me, simple as that.

Alwaysbehind, because I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I was answering her ?s although, I kind of knew she wasn't going to take it but, I was also going to offer her a good trainers name/number and suggest she goes to take lessons and than if she wanted to after a good amount of lessons come and try him out with the trainer and see what happens.

MIEventer 01-21-2011 11:15 AM

beau, that's funny :P lol, you'll get all sorts of people when you put ads up. And you are going to go through a lot of people too, to weed out the bad from the good.

I remember when I put my Husbands horse up for Free Lease at the barn I was a working student at, and the Ad I put up was very specific - and I got all sorts of people responding. Some where head shaking, and some were amusing while others were very professional.

Then, then came the part where those whom I weeded through via the internet, came out to try Zeus was fun.

Just recently, I put a friends horse up for Free Lease because her Daughter is thoroughly involved with College/University and no longer has time to ride her boy, and the responses I am getting.

It's because people do not "read" what is posted.

Buckcherry 01-21-2011 11:49 AM

Thats hilarious people are funny. I tried to lease out this TB i had a few years ago, The girl said she was experienced and other people said she was to. So she gets on him and starts to trot well after a few strides he starts cantering, he was just a little excited from not being ridden, and it wasn't even a fast canter. So instead of pulling him back she starts screaming, "JOE, JOE WHOA" And he's just cantering normally doing nothing wrong and she's steadily screaming "JOE, Stop JOE".. Me and my mom sat there laughing and that was the last time we tried to lease him out.

SkyeAngel 01-21-2011 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by MIEventer (Post 897854)

It's because people do not "read" what is posted.


I just remembered that before all that stuff went down, some guy rang my mobile and asked if my boy was a stallion. While he is quite nice looking, and IMO has pretty good conformation, There is no way anyone could have seen his picture and gotten my phone number without first clicking on the link which read "14.2 coloured cob gelding - Kent"

I didn't write all that stuff about him for fun y'know people....

ErikaLynn 01-21-2011 11:59 AM

Hahaha...unlike you I LOVE stupid people, they make me laugh.

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