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spence 01-21-2011 08:53 PM

11 year old Appy & 2 year old QH for Sale
I've currently got two horses that I'm needing to sell, not in a HUGE hurry, however they're going to have to go.

First is my 11 or 12 year old appaloosa gelding, Chief. Don't really want to sell him, however I got another horse that better suits my needs last summer and I need to get my wife something more suitable as well. There's just not enough space for all of them here.

I've had him since 2007, and he's a nice fella. Stands 14.2, and I've ridden him a lot while we've been together. He's got the hard appy head, but not too much so. However, we've found his sweet spot. He loves beginners, we've had a number of kids between ~10 and 15 who've ridden him and he does extremely well with them. He just picks up his attitude when an older rider gets on (my sister knows nothing about horses and he bosses her around a lot).

I just had a coggins done on him, but am still waiting on the results from the vet. He's also current on his vaccinations until April, and was wormed two weeks ago. He loads and unloads from a trailer like a dream, I wish every horse was as good with it as he is!

I'm asking $750 for him, and he can be found in my barn on here, as well.

Second is a two year old sorrel QH gelding, who we call Risky. We bought him at a sale several months ago as a stud and had him gelded before we ever brought him home. He's a LOVELY little horse, probably grow to be around 15 hands when he's matured. He has the BEST personality I've ever seen in a horse, and is very playful.

We bought him with the intent on starting him, however we discovered that he had a lameness issue, vet couldn't actually find anything wrong with him. His best guess is Risky just has growing pains and needs to sit for a few more months, or even a year. I, however, do not have time or space to take that issue on.

Recently, I haven't noticed any lameness, so I may continue to work on him given time, however before long I plan to start riding a few horses for other people as well. He's halter broke, will load into a trailer easily, still likes to hop off when unloading. We were told that he's the Col. Freckles bloodline but was never registered, and looks like it's a very good possibility.

I'd like to see the $150 in him, however if someone is willing to give him a good home and check out with their vet what may be wrong, I'd be happy to give him to you.

I don't currently have any pictures of either on my computer that I can post, however I will see if I can't get some up!

spence 01-27-2011 07:37 AM

Bump for my appy, Chief.

Risky's going to his new home tomorrow, and while I generally hate seeing horses spoiled rotten, this is one time I'm REALLY cool with the idea.

spence 01-30-2011 07:49 PM

both of my kids have new homes. chief leaves probably next week after they get their tax return... never believed i'd have close to two dozen people call me about him...

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