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Klassic Superstar 01-22-2011 08:52 PM

Dressage Clinic Pics, Open for Critique!
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Had a AWESOME amazing wonderful fun lesson with my trainer today, only get to do clinics with her as I have my mare on an island and she can only make it out to do clinic lessons for all us once a month for a long weekend. I had my lesson at 1130 this morning. My trainer's name is Kim McGuire if you have heard of she is amazing, best teacher!

Anyways I have tons of ver fun pictures, We worked on getting my mare to use her back and track up alot better with her hind end, lots of fun exercises! It really worked, she has a really hard time withher right side right now, so we would really get work on it to the right first and then we ould go to the left do the same thing nad it came so much easier for her, like instead of asking, and working through her worries and drama for 10 minutes it would take her 60 seconds to click and be like "oh yup, I can do that this way better, see!"

Really was very pleased with the whole lesson, Kim was so impressed with all the stuff that I worked on since the last lesson, in November (we missed december cause Kim was traveling to south africa) We had really been working on getting her straight and slowly geting her up on my outside rein and through my aids and move correct, wow she was like so impressed, I couldnt stop smiling she would go to do a exercise and be like, " no you got that down, let try thats amazing too, well lets step it up a notch!" I was very proud that my trainer could really see how hard we have been working and how far we have some. She pointed ot she looks likea different horse compltely!

Anyways enough of my babble. I am just so proud of my 4 year old!
Please crit. the pics!

winstonsgrl 01-22-2011 08:55 PM

Clinics are so much fun!! I have only been in two, but I hope to do more soon! :)

Klassic Superstar 01-22-2011 10:13 PM

BUMP BUMP! common, I would like some good feedback!

tinyliny 01-22-2011 11:01 PM


I will give it a go, ok? Your horse is really young, so I will try to modify for a young horse, my critique I mean.
In most of the pictures you are looking down. I bet that's so you can see if she is doing what your trainer asked, but you need to keep chin up. It affects how well you can keep your ribcage lifted.
In some shots it looks like you are both rotating your upper body too much and canting off to the side a bit. I do this and for me it comes from me kind of wanting to "help" him. But with a young horse you want to really try to stay very central, and don't bend your shoulder so much into the turn.

Your leg position is very good and your hands look sympathetic to the horse's mouth and you keep your thumbs on top and wrist straight.

The horse looks a little unconnected in the second picture, a little bit braced in the neck in the first picture (see inverted neck?) Really good in third picture and almost there in the last picture, only lacking a bit more drive from behind. I htink you are in the middle of asking her to stetch down long and low? And she is doing it but still looks a tiny bit braced on the bit.

Now, it's really hard to know what's going on without video, but that is what I see

Klassic Superstar 01-22-2011 11:22 PM

Thank you these were all just trot or walk pics no canter pics sadly :( I have the horriable habbit of looking down but am drilly myself not to and am getting better lol

Yes she is very green still. Not even 5 years old yet. Lots to come still
Thanks again

JustDressageIt 01-22-2011 11:32 PM

The one thing that stands out to me is the overdevelopment of muscle on the underside of her neck. She needs to learn to carry herself rounded, and hold her neck using her topline instead. Sounds like you're on the right track to doing that :)

Klassic Superstar 01-22-2011 11:55 PM

Yup, we are really working on that, just taking alot of time lol

maura 01-23-2011 09:41 AM

I really like the third photo, it caught a nice moment in your work, it's a shame it's a little dark.

In this photo, she's moving up under herself fairly well, is accepting the contact and moving into it, and has an appropriate bend for the size of the circle. She also looks happy and relaxed. This is a good example of a young horse beginning to learn to use herself and work correctly.

As far as your position, it looks as though you need to "find your seatbones" - it looks like you're sitting in the back of your saddle, rather than sitting in the middle, balanced over your seatbones. It also looks like you have a tendency to drop your inside shoulder; it's even more apparent in the fourth photo, where it looks like you've collapsed your whole left side as you've asked for the bend. I would also like to see you bring your hands together, and carry more bend and weight in your elbow, but I understand with a young horse just learning to accept the contact, this is a work in progress. Do also remember to focus your eye up and between her ears, this will help the dropped shoulder.

I won't critique the first two photos, I'm guessing they're from early in the lesson when you were warming up as she's above the bit and resisiting.

Keep up the good work!

Klassic Superstar 01-23-2011 03:56 PM

Maura, Yes thank you so much! I needed to hear that! You are correct about the frisrt two pictures, she was also very much not liking being at the horse park alone, it was also the first time for her to be in a straight load trailer and acutly trailer by herself on over a year!

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