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BluMagic 04-07-2008 11:15 PM

Well, this is a horse that might be a possible buy for me. Saturday I am going to ride him. He is about 13 or 14 years old. I've seen him before at the fairgrounds. I took this picture today when I talked to his owner, Mr. Naegly who recently had back surgery and can't ride. I fell in love with his color and his personality from what I've seen of him. I don't want to sound head over heels but is this my opportunity???

Any critique or advice would be great!

(edited for spelling and photo)

JustDressageIt 04-08-2008 12:26 AM

That picture is near impossible to critique anything from, sorry Blu.. can you get better pictures?

BluMagic 04-08-2008 12:53 AM

Hopefully, my mom can take pics of me riding him Saturday. I'm sorry. What do you think of his color? I love paints like that! lol

BluMagic 04-08-2008 12:57 AM

He is Tovero right?

.Delete. 04-08-2008 09:24 AM

He looks sway back

Bucky's Buddy 04-09-2008 01:38 PM

I think he might be a bit swaybacked. But, if he is about thirteen, he may be a good, mellow boy -- hope that doesn't come back to bite me! Be sure to give us an update, okay! I'm not sure what "Tovero" is.. more research!

love-a-hero 04-09-2008 06:31 PM

really hard to see anything

I Love Lane 04-17-2008 12:51 AM

yes blu he is a Tovero :) (tovero for those who don't know is a horse that carries and shows traits of both the Tobiano and Overo gene pattern :) )

notorious_ 04-30-2008 11:46 PM

i can hardly see HIM.

But i do know this much from experience.
it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to keep an all white horse clean. they'll lay down in their stall and have yellow-green stains that just WON'T come out [without some SERIOUS elbow grease]

Harlee rides horses 05-01-2008 06:06 PM

Seems fat.

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