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zaudika 01-25-2011 05:23 PM

Wanting to start to show Western Pleasure - ApHC horse - anything info appreciated.
I recently transitioned my mare to Western and she's been doing excellent. I don't have a good lope from her yet, so I will be starting with only W/T (jog) classes.

ANYTHING... no matter how small or trivial you can tell me, pointers, necessities, etc would be very appreciated.

I need to know the essentials / very basics, that I need to buy for the show. This will be an ApHC sponsered show.

Clothing suggestions / preferences -- places you buy?

My mares tack choices? We don't have equipment that is all blinged out with silver, but we could probably borrow something.

Bits that I can't use in the show? (I've tried a few different bits and she responds well to many, I'm still trying to find her perfect fit).

I'm adamant about wearing a helmet -- I've had a serious accident and I just feel safer. Those who have shown in adult western, do you feel that the majorities of judges will mark me down in this?

Bailee is a 5 yr old registered Bay Roan with a white blanket Appaloosa. She was trained English, has done Western for fun several times, but has been doing Western only for about a month.

I'm 34, and have been riding for 25 years. I've always shown English/Hunter, but have switched disiplines and am really enjoying Western.

Thanks for any and all info! :)

raywonk 01-28-2011 11:37 PM

EBAY for all your needs. I love ebay. I get cheap competitive close for all my students from thier and when they out grow i sell it thier. Helmit now opein shows should not mater but breed shows cheak the rule book. some have a rule that you have to wear a cowboy hat. now they do make a helmit that is shaped like a cowboy hat.
you will need chaps and a shirt or a slinky with a vest. sparkels are nice but not a must.

KcFinancialBurn 03-06-2011 01:10 PM

tack swaps! great pleaces to buy!!
you don't need bling stuff for western, as long as you have a clean, well oiled saddle.
for bits you can still you a snaffle (two hands) but start transitioning to a curb.
judges shouldn't mark you down for a helmet, they know about safety.

raywonk 03-06-2011 02:47 PM

Jr horses in a snaffle only can be two handed in breed shows or in a bosale

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