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Ace5906 01-25-2011 05:45 PM

horse with runny/loose stool
hey everyone, i know i posted a question about this earlier but i still have a few questions. okay, my horse has been recently swithced to alfalfa hay because the barn manager ordered the wrong kind of hay on accident. so now my horse has runny poo because the alfalfa is too rich for his stomach ( he used to be on just grass hay). i was wondering if there was something i could get for him that isn't too expencive that could tighten his poop up a little bit so that it isn't as runny. i called the vet and they told me to use probiotics. i have been using this supplement and it doesn't seem to be working. is there some sort of grain/powdered supplement i could give him to fix his little problem?

spirit88 01-25-2011 05:58 PM

You could try giving some beet pulp that might firm up his poop. Iv used probios with great results has it or your local feed store might carry it. Hope this helps you spirit88

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