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Cinnys Whinny 01-26-2011 10:36 AM

I think I need a change...Cinny too
I thought I was happy at my pricey equestrian center, but now I'm thinking maybe I'm not. One of the main reasons I got another horse was because I wanted to get out more, meet people and have the horsey type comradeship I had years ago but don't have now. I've been in Nebraska for 2 years and haven't made a single friend, not one...except the lady that runs the consignment tack store, not sure if she counts because I only see her at the store we don't hang. I just don't have time to get out between taking care of my older mom and my 12 month old and making sure my big guys needs are met while he works odd hours... Cinny is my only break.

Making friends wasn't the ONLY reason to get a horse, don't mistake me....because it wasn't but come on, 9 months at my stable and still everyone turns up their noses at me and don't really talk to me. It is so cliquish there! Either you are a pony clubber with a pony or a pony clubber "mom." Or you have a big warmblood and go out in the hunt field with the "big girls." or you have an experienced Dressage horse you take to show after show all year. Cinny and I just don't fit in to any of those fact my trainer NEVER even tells me what shows are coming up. Even if I didn't ride Cin in one it would still be nice to go.

And then my last ride...that one really did it. Yes...another "pony posse" issue (for those who don't know "pony posse" is the name of our stables pony clubbers and there are about 20-25 ponies included in that...) I was riding Cin in the indoor, having an ok ride considering he hasn't been out in FOREVER. Two pony girls come in on their ponies and their mom stands in the arena as if she is giving a lesson. She's telling them what to do and things are for the most part ok. And then...they start cantering...faster faster more like a hand gallop and mom not paying attention. One came up behind Cinny so close that when she passes we nearly nicked stirrup irons....and up Cinny went...aerial gymnastics. The mom said NOTHING. Girl does it again, Cinny freaks by then I'm getting pretty pissed. I heard her coming up a third time and I yelled as loud as I could for her to give Cinny some least a horse distance and THEN the mom tells her daughter to just go half arena because obviously not everyone can control their horses. As if!!!

So, I think maybe I've made the decision to move Cinny. I found a LOVELY stable yesterday. Everyone there was really really friendly and happy to talk about the trails (yes they have trails) and their horses and who is who and who does what...and it's mainly adults..yay. It is mixed discipline and there are 2 other dressage riders. My trainer is welcome to go there but I have a feeling she won't and I don't care because she doesn't seem that enthused to be training Cin and me anyway. The indoor arena is bigger, they have "in and out" stalls where the "out" part is as big as his current turn out. Then they have turn outs the sizes of arenas, a round pen and an outdoor arena and...trails right there, literally the entrance to the trails is on stable property!! I really think Cin could use some serious outdoor time after the past 9 months of serious arena time. Oh and their tack lockers are serious tack lockers. You cold fit 3 saddles in there, seriously! It's a coat closet. The one I have at the Eq center is 4X4X4 and on the ground so I have to crawl to try to get my saddle demeaning.

The other plus, it's about a 4th the cost of where I'm at. Drawbacks...they don't currently have full service. They feed in morning and then I would clean/feed at night, which is only a problem if I get sick. They are willing to hire someone to do Cinny at night but it would be a serious price hike (250 bucks). Also, I have to buy and truck in my own hay/feed. I don't know where to buy it and I don't know how I would fit it in my little Geo ha ha.

So I'm excited, not quite sure I'm doing the right thing. I have to pay a deposit Fri and I still have to give 30 days and board to the old place too...sheez. If I can afford both boards and have some money for feed I'm going to try to go ahead and move him now but I can't move him if I can't feed him.

What do you guys think, good move or should I stay? As always, all opinions honored...

TamaraB 01-26-2011 10:46 AM

It sounds like you are not happy at your current place. I would want to move too! I wish you were close to me, I really need horsey friends. Good luck making the right decision.

DWStables 01-26-2011 10:49 AM

Wow! I would give my 30 days and move...Where are you state wise...I charge 250.00 full care with indoor and trails,matted stalls...not a super fancy place but im also wondering why it would cost them 250 to hire someone just to feed?Also if they people are cool,maybe you could make some arrangment with another person(boarder) to due a chore exchange(you feed this day ill do the next )or something similar.

EmilyandNikki 01-26-2011 11:01 AM

You could also pay someone at the barn who is already getting hay to truck it in for you. I'm quite sure someone might be willing.

Cinnys Whinny 01-26-2011 11:50 AM

I'm sure it will work out. I have been emailing back and forth with someone who is already there and I think things will be good. She's actually excited for me to move there and she's never even met me! I also found out that Cin's previous owner trailers out to those trails and to borrow the arena so now she's excited too. The more time passes, the more I am feeling that this is the right move.

Beau Baby 01-26-2011 07:04 PM

I'd definitely move. And if you don't know where to get hay maybe talk to some people who already board there. See if you can split hay costs to have enough for both your horses delivered as I'm guessing any current boarder already knows hay people.

SunshineofmyLife 01-26-2011 10:22 PM

I would definitely move - we were in the same position and were so happy to get out of there! But, I would definitely resolve the hay/feeding issues before moving. Do they have a place to store your hay? I'd try to work out an agreement with another boarder to feed but there will come a time when neither one of you can make it, and you need to be prepared for that.

musicalmarie1 01-26-2011 10:43 PM

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Sounds like you're making the right decision!!

I can't STAND snobby horse people... usually people that are snobby don't treat their horses very well. I'd love to find someone to pal around and do horsey things with, too, so I feel your pain! Sounds like you'll be much happier at this new barn.

tinyliny 01-26-2011 10:51 PM

Yeah, you will be sooo much happier to be with people like that. I felt really out of place when I was at this fance dressage barn and all these people riding with a heavy Tutonic style. Was so fancy I swear they had Perrier for the wash rack water (just kidding). Now we are all just folks who help each other out and keep an eye on each other's horses.
Hopefully, you will meet someone who will share stall duties (trade off) and the food delivery, too. Good Luck. Cinny will be much happier too.

Cinnys Whinny 01-27-2011 10:03 AM

Thanks guys...and I have another assurance that it's the right move...everything is falling into place.

My current barn says there is a waiting list for the indoor stalls so if Cinny moves out by Feb 1st I don't have to pay for the 30 days as it says in the lease because she doesn't think it's fair when she will have somebody else in the stall the day Cinny moves out.

I found a wonderful hay personn with some nice quality hay that will deliver, she is bringing 25 bales on Friday. I just have to figure out how I'm going to get them from the truck into the feed shelter by myself ha ha.

If I'm sick or something the stable will feed/clean Cin for 5 dollars a day extra. BUT I also found a girl there who is working with one of the trainers and has done 4 h and been with horses most of her life who is willing to muck/feed a few nights a week for riding privileges. She's a little young, but I know some of the young ones can still handle themselves well so I am meeting her either this weekend or next week to make sure she can handle Cin and his green ways. I think Cin would LOVE to have a kid love on him and ride him the way a kid does...just free and fun. Plus maybe she will kind of get my daughter a big more motivated.

I have someone to trailer him Friday if she falls through the BO where I am at said she would be happy to trailer him on Saturday.

The only thing left is bedding. Everyone buys there own,there are some people that swear by the pelleted shavings, others say to get the corn cob..regular shaving are easy to come by too but don't last as long. Sigh....decisions decisions.

And, I met the most wonderful trainer there to work with Cin and me. She does dressage with Gypsy Vanners, can you believe that?? She already has us lined up for shows and she hasn't even worked with us yet ha ha. I kept telling her how green Cin is but she said he'll get there. I did email her my most recent vid of us riding though, just so she can back out if she wants lol. And she costs half as much as the trainer I've been working with.

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