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fuadteagan 01-26-2011 02:45 PM

poems about horses i just randomly wrote
so elegant
so amazing to watch
in love

draft horse
extremely large
look at those muscles they are big
in love

A horse is a treasure
Be it big or small
Commenara or Shetland
Draft or gaited
Every horse is special like people
forever you should love them

Abused Horse

I graze my land and sit close to my mom
She neighs to me
I play around with the foals
Oh what it is like to be free
Man yelling a screaming herd us up
We get taken to a bad place
My mom is calm
I neigh staying close to her side
I get forced into a tight place
I see a horses ribs sticking out of his stomach
The man yells at me
He takes my mom and i never see her again
The man takes me and its my time to leave the earth
Bye everyone
Bye earth
I love you

My Horse...... The First One
I got my horse one day
I looked around to see
a horse it was black
he nudged me
I smiled big
this was
the best
day of my
life could not
even breath when
they opened that stall
door and i have been through so
many horse now but he has a special place
in my heart for ever and ever
he is a horse that neighs
at your everytime you
come in his stall he
had a smooth trot
a super willing
he had a
spot on
he was
so special
in his own way
one day he fell sick
i cared for him patiently
he was so very special and
talented i could not believe what
was happening so i put on my happy
face and i went out to the barn with the
vet but then the vet told me that he was
not going to make it the worst day of my life
i will never ever forget him and his black body

ummmmm yeah they are sorta sad well the last two ones ummmm yeah soooo anyway i just did this right now like i wrote them like 5 minutes ago well um enjoy :-P

EquineLover 01-27-2011 02:40 PM

There good. But them last three lines just sound so... sweet and sad and pathetic and helpless at the same time. 'Bye everyone Bye earth I love you.'

fuadteagan 01-27-2011 04:22 PM

yeah i didn't want it to be .......... i left the earth but this was a sweet little innocent foal ...... so sad ....... thanks i love poetry .... i thought i would just play around.....

I love horses 02-01-2011 10:43 AM

They are really good. I like them. (:

fuadteagan 02-01-2011 11:35 AM

thanks alot i like them too:D

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