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Rachel1786 01-27-2011 05:34 PM

Strategy Vs. Strategy healthy edge
When we got Bella at the end of may we had her on the original strategy, she was crazy, but i attributed it to her being an OTTB mare who had just come from the kill pen and was stressed out, when i started working with her in September i decided to switch her to the healthy edge, and she because a quite calm horse, but she was also in training a few days a week so i thought maybe it was more the training and less the food, well we couldn't get the healthy edge last week so we had to get the original, yesterday was the first day i gave it to her and today WOW she was insane! for the past few weeks i would open the barn door and she would mosey along and walk inside taking her sweet time, i could call her and try to get her to hurry up, but she didn't care, well today she could not get in past enough, she was running around and tried to run in before legacy and then she kicked at him and was just a wild basically i cannot believe that one say on the original strategy has made her this hot, once we finish this bag she will be going back on the healthy edge, i would like to put her on something else all together, but as of right now that is all we are able to get

trailhorserider 01-27-2011 09:51 PM

I think Strategy Healthy Edge is higher in fat and lower in protein than the regular Strategy GX (in the white bag). I don't know about the sugar or overall energy content, if they are the same or different.

I get the impression that the regular Strategy GX is "richer" because you can feed it to all your horses- including broodmares and growing horses. I think Healthy Edge is being marketed more to owners of riding and pleasure horses. But I don't know exactly how the formulas differ.

I've fed both. I had coupons for Healthy Edge, so I fed that for a while, but now that I've used my coupons, and I have a mare who is still nursing her foal, I have gone to the regular Strategy GX. My mare does bounce off the walls, now that you mention it :lol:, but I figured it was more to do with the fact it is winter, the ground is muddy, and I can't ride her as much as I would like. So I dunno if the Strategy GX makes them "hotter" than the Healthy Edge or not.

OneFastHorse 01-27-2011 09:56 PM

Strategy is 30% NSC (sugar+starch). With THAT much sugar in it, no wonder it makes horses NUTS! The HE is a better option than the reg Strategy, but I, personally, would never feed Purina feeds unless it was all that I could get. In that case, the ONLY product I would use is their RB called Enrich 32.

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