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MagicEquus 01-29-2011 12:37 PM

Modern Miniature Shetlandpony Stud in Spain
Hello to all the miniature fans. I just wanted to introduce our miniature horse stud in Spain:
Currently we mainly breed modern type miniature Shetlandponies for character, conformation and beauty. In the future we might extend our work to other miniature breeds as well.
The miniature breeds are quite unknown here in Spain and we are excited to be the first stud to breed based on the highest quality standards possible.
We also started a Youtube channel called MagicEquus where we hope to regularly post new videos. For now there is our first video of one of our herds in winter fur (we do not clip during the cold season) enjoying their life on our large pastures: Donīt miss it, it is quite funny!:D

FeatheredFeet 01-29-2011 01:08 PM


I absolutely loved your movie. What a great herd you have there. And your flock guardians are wonderful too.

Are your Minis locally bred or did you import? Do you have a registry for them in Spain?


MagicEquus 01-29-2011 01:29 PM

Thank you Lizzie for your compliments!:-)
All of our breeding stock has been imported one by one from different European studs. For now there is no registry in Spain but we are working on establishing a branch here in Spain very soon. So for now all registration has to go abroad, quite some paperwork...

FeatheredFeet 01-29-2011 02:05 PM

Do you have problems where you are, finding knowledgable vets? I have a friend with Gypsies in Spain, and he seems to have problems finding good vets. Maybe it is just the area he is in - and right now, I can't remember where exactly he lives.

I see you have very lush pasture. Do you let your horses graze all the time or only for certain hours per day? I ask this because these little guys always tend to overeat and founder so easily.

Do you have shows for the Minis/Shetlands in Spain? Sorry for so many questions, but am interested to know how different or the same, things are for you, compared to the US.


MagicEquus 01-29-2011 02:41 PM

No sorry, I love your asking these questions. I think they are very interesting topics.
Regarding vets, we have some very good ones where we live and in a little more then a year I myself will be a licensed vet (I am finishing vet school now).
You are right, the risk of founder is always in the back of our minds. Our minis are out on the pastures 10-12 hours per day approximately, the rest of the time they are in large open barns with exercise and play area. So far we havenīt had any case, letīs keep our fingers crossed!
In Spain we donīt have shows yet, but we plan on changing this soon:)
By the way, I love your Gipsy horses, they are awesome!
I know very little about Gipsy horses, do the very long fetlock hairs make them more prone to skin problems in the area, or is this just an urbane myth? When I heard this I was very skeptical as it seems to me that these hairs fulfill important protective functions.
In our minis we cut down a little bit the very long fetlock hairs during winter (when we donīt trim)just to prevent them from collecting all the dirt of the world...but keeping enough of it to protect the skin underneath from bad weather conditions.
Enjoy a nice evening,
Iīll go back to the books:)

FeatheredFeet 01-29-2011 04:00 PM

Congratulations on your veterinary career. :D

Thank you for the kind words on our horses. Actually, they all belong to my daughter. I no longer can ride or have horses of my own. However, I keep my hand in by researching Gypsy Horse pedigrees, collecting DNA and taking part in the world wide Gypsy DNA data base when I am able.

You are correct. Heavy feather often = problems such as scratches and the deadly CPL. It is an absolute must, that owners check under feather constantly, to make sure any little problem, doesn't become a big one. This of course, not only in Gypsies, but any feathered breed. This is something as you can imagine, which is discussed constantly on Gypsy forums and between breeders.


SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 01-29-2011 08:28 PM

Hello from Montana, and Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for posting that video, you have a beautiful little herd there!
Loved watching them running and playing.

Looks like a gorgeous area too! Nice and green.
Do you get much snow at all?

O So 01-29-2011 08:58 PM

Great video! I enjoyed watching it. I loved how your one dog was bigger then the 2 minis! LOL You have a beautiful propert!

lilmamabergie 01-30-2011 05:03 AM

Loved you video!

dirtymartini 01-31-2011 04:39 PM

so beautiful! They look so happy, which is what I like to see! The dog is beautiful, too!

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