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momo3boys 01-29-2011 07:18 PM

Jacoby update
I just need to share my success with Jacoby, (my 3 yo gelding). We moved him to a barn for the winter with an indoor arena. Riding is still a challenge as he doesn't think he need to listen once I am up there, but he is doing really well. He is more respectful (still mouths EVERYTHING), he lunges really well now, and even let me lunge him at a walk in the "scary" part of the arena :shock:.

I think one of the reasons he has been so good the last couple of days is because he ran through the fence, cutting his knee a little bit and then he was stuck in the deep snow and couldn't go anywhere! :lol: I 'rescued' him by coming over and coaxing him out with some hay. His attitude was SOOO different! I was his savior! I thought maybe he was good because he was exhausted by the ordeal but he has been great ever since. Hopefully this new attitude doesn't get forgotten!

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