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CelticAngel 01-30-2011 12:58 PM

For all those owners that live in the Pacific Northwest! =)
I know a few members that are from Oregon and Washington but I'd love to find more people!=-) I know that you can never have too many horse friends. As well, maybe you have a neighbor on here that you never knew you had! (I know -I- hope that's the case)

Come...introduce yourself!

As for me, my name is Nicole (Nicki) and I live in Oregon about 30 minutes outside of Portland. I did not grow up with horses and at age 38, am now taking an extreme crash course in everything horse related. I volunteer at a local horse stable and have done just about everything under the sun....but I seem to shine most doing grooming (where my OCD/ADD tendencies are highly valued!)

I'm taking riding lessons and will -very- soon have my own lease horse. The arrangements have already been made. Just a matter of getting him to the stable I'm at. Once he's here, we will be doing a lot of showmanship/reining training. He is an 8 year old gelding named Naughty Pine Country...or Naughty for short. (Not a huge fan of his barn name but I can't think of anything else that would fit)

What about the rest of you PNW horse lovers?

Wallaby 01-30-2011 01:18 PM

I live smack in the center of Gresham, OR. :D It's pretty funny too because since Lacey (my horse) lives at my neighbor's house, I could actually ride into downtown Gresham with very little effort on either of our parts. People are generally really shocked to see us, they're like "What?? where did you guys come from??!" hahaha Good times.

We volunteer at a summer camp (Trout Creek Bible Camp) and teach kids to ride during the summer and give private lessons during the winter/fall/spring. Lacey LOVES the attention she gets and she's the perfect horse for the kids to learn to groom on, she just stands there and they can do whatever they want to her. The camp kids don't get to ride her unless they've gotten scared on another horse (since the camp horses can be a little sketch) but the lesson kids do get to ride her.
Together, we just trail ride. I dream of showing one day but Lacey is old enough that asking her to live that lifestyle is a little much, I think. Lacey is a trail horse extraordinaire. Hardly anything scares her, other horses can be freaking out all around her and she'll just be like "you're afraid of what??" She's pretty great.

I would love to find a trail buddy around here somewhere. I have access to lots of awesome trails and I know of places to trailer to with GORGEOUS scenery, but I don't have access to a trailer so I'm kinda out of luck.

That's awesome that you're getting to lease a horse! I remember that when I leased my first horse, it was so exhilarating to know that I could do whatever I wanted with her! Heehee!

Nice to meet you! :)

CelticAngel 01-30-2011 01:35 PM

Gresham isn't too far away from me. I'm sort of in the same situation where I can't really take the horse off to trail ride because I don't have a trailer. The only exception will be when I go showing (someday)....but either the owner or my trainer will haul the horse along with all the others we take to shows.

And yes...I'm very excited. There is a possibility that I will buy N.P.C (my go-to nickname for the horse right now) eventually....but I want to spend a few months on him and get to know him first. He's a relatively expensive horse ( me. Not so expensive for people that buy/sell horses) The price will probably be around $9, I want to make sure this is -really- what I want first. However, the deal to lease him is incredible and I can't pass it up. He is an -almost- finished reining horse who was trained by my trainer, who is a professional NRA reiner. He showed him in some local shows to get him ready for his derby years but then the owner let him out in the pasture to play one day and he sustained a quarter crack in one of his hoofs. The had to wait a year for it to grow out and by that time, everyone had moved on to other things. So he wasn't doing anything but being a horse at a beautiful stable and getting spoiled. =-) Which...isn't such a bad life.

So, my trainer and his owner are friends/clients....and they made the deal that I could 'lease' NPC for long as I train with my trainer and NPC stays at my trainer's stable. I have to pay an extremely discounted board for the horse...but that's it. It's an incredible opportunity and I didn't want to pass it up.

cascanastargazer 01-30-2011 01:42 PM

Hi guys! I know both of you know this already but for anyone who stumbles across this thread that doesn't...

I'm Jess, I'm a 20 year old student at University of Oregon and I live in Eugene! It's about 2 hours from Portland..not sure which way.. I'm horrifically directionally challenged! Anyway, I have a 13 year old registered sorrel QH named Lilly. She's got Jay Kay Sue Cash in her lineage and Cascana's Tuffest Two is her daddy :) Her registered name is Cascana's Stargazer.

I rode horses from age 12-16 but when I turned 16 my mom got cancer so I stopped because we couldn't afford it any more. She is BETTER now and they got me a horse for Christmas! I'm stumbling around frantically trying to remember and re-learn everything I used to know about horses after this 4 year hiatus but so far I've been doing great and so has Lilly. She hasn't been ridden in about 9 months so she's a little bit hot under the saddle but we'll fix that soon, I'm starting lessons on her this month :)

I don't have a trailer :(

CelticAngel 01-30-2011 02:08 PM

Oh no.....a duck! Everyone run!!!!!!!

Hehe....sorry...OSU alumni here. Forever a beaver...=-)

I'm excited for you! Of course I already told you how happy I am that you got her out of that horrible barn she was at. Glad you two are in a much better place now with people that are willing to share their knowledge. That is always a great feeling to be with nice people like that.

Naughty Pine Country's Sire is Great Red Pine...and is out of Country Girl. I'm still working on understanding the mom's pedigree but she is from the Gunsmoke line somehow. I've not seen NPC's papers so I'm not sure and it's hard to track stuff like that down on the net. I would have posted a pic of him on here but I saw him for the first time this last week and he's not the prettiest thing right now. =-) He's been playing out in the pastures and is quite the clown so he tends to get scraped up and such. He's also managed to tear out some of his mane so it's going to take a bit of TLC and time to turn him into the prince he is and not the frog he looks like now. =-) I have my rain slicker and rain boots ready to go. As soon as he steps foot into the stable, first thing he's getting is a bath! Weather permitting, that is.

Once he is looking more princely, believe me...I'll be slapping his pic ALLLLLLL over this site. He's a great gelding and mischievous personality to boot. I think we will get along great.

And...Portland is north of Eugene. =-)

cascanastargazer 01-30-2011 02:17 PM

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Aww, I still want to see pictures! We all know horses have a tendency to get dirty ;) Imagine what they would be like if they didn't have us to fawn over them and make them purty! Haha.. I have pics of Lil in my barn (my horse forum barn, that is) but here are a couple quick snapshots :)

It's too bad we don't all have trailers. It would be fun to meet halfway sometime and go for a ride!

AQHA13 01-30-2011 02:20 PM

Hi! :) My name is Brittney. I live in Central WA, near Yakima(what a dirty city!). I am a senior in high school and want to become a nurse. I hope to move after I get my bachelors and live somewhere on the WA/ OR border. We have two horses, but Abbe is mine. I got her as a yearling and tomorrow she will turn 5 years old! We are really into trail riding, and luckily have a trailer and truck so that I can travel to pretty places. :) My family also loves to go backpacking and camping.

CelticAngel 01-30-2011 04:12 PM

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I've been badgered into posting pictures of my boy...(although he will look much better after I get him to my stable) here he is!

Gidget 01-30-2011 04:34 PM

My name is Heather. I live in Grants Pass,OR :) I have always loved horses and learned how to braid on my 'my little pony' toy and I was a kid that had the horse folders at school but then ppl thought those types of folders were lame so I stopped.
Anyways, my dream came true in DEC. '09. I recieved Gidget as a christmas present from my mom. I saw Gidget and thought she was weird looking since I never saw a bald faced horse but I decided I wanted her anyways. I absolutely love my horse more than words can explain. We sometimes have a love/hate relationship since we are both stubborn but when it comes down to it we love each other. She's my best friend!
I trail ride and do small shows with her. So far showing has been an excellent experience. We've placed each in most shows. Even if it's last place I'm still really proud of us.
I love going on trail rides.I don't have a trailer either so I usually hitch a ride to go places.

Reiterin 01-31-2011 07:07 PM

Howdy, I live a little south of Portland, and my horsey Maggie lives a little south from me. Unfortunately. But! I get to see her most days, and her "apartment" is really nice with great "superintendents." So it works out OK. =)
We like to trail ride, and sometimes drive, but otherwise we just plod around the arena. Unfortunately we don't get to trail ride as often as we like, because I have a completely different schedule than everyone else I know. And I cannot go out alone.

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