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Redrose 01-31-2011 02:19 PM

Ice storm coming!
Hi horse lovers, please be patient, this is my first post! For the past year I have volunteered at a barn in the Northeast USA. The owner is an animal hoarder, has over 30 horses, donkeys, etc.. Half the animals are privately owned & are well cared for by the folks who board. The "barn owned" horses are the ones I have looked after; they are outside 365 days a year, some without shelter. Since December , we have had freezing temperatures & care at the barn declined to the point where I made an anonymous call to State Humane Society. I had all my notes & facts & thought this warning would wake-up the lazy owner (water shut off so pipes wouldn't freeze, ran out of hay, no shelter for horses during freezing rain) What I didn't realize is the Horse Inspector was friends with the hour after I made the report, the owner called screaming at me & banned me from the barn. I am devastated! I still sneak over at sunrise (when the owner is asleep) & bring fresh water in gallon buckets. I buy hay at a local farm for them. But what bothers me is the horses who have no shelter! We are expecting a rain/ice storm on Tuesday & Wednesday. I guess I am looking for advice or any words of encouragement! My teenage daughter said we should make a video & post it on You-tube!

2BDeyes 02-20-2011 09:33 PM

Well now that the cat is out of the bag and she knows you called I would call the department of agriculture (they normally handle cases like this) humane societies inspectors boss, local news, and do your post on u tube. We had a case here in Ga of a cat hoarder and it was found that the humane society had given her some of the cats, they were unaware of the conditions at the place. I would call more than 1 organization, the humane society may have given her some of those animals and didnt check on where the animals were going

WickedNag 02-21-2011 07:15 AM

Horse shelter can be as much as a tree grove or a fence to block the wind. My horses are hardly ever in the barn but have access to it 24/7.

Do you know there was not hay available or that it was not to be delivered that day? And do you know she doesn't turn the water on for watering purposes?

I know a lot of people that have over 30 horses but would not call them hoarders. I hope you are taking the right actions but you seriously should not "sneak" over to her place. You could end up in a terrible law suit...

NoHorse 02-21-2011 01:25 PM

If the call you made was anonymous, the inspector, no matter the relationship to the barn owner, shouldn't have revealed your identity. That's totally not okay.

Do the horses have blankets? If they're thick enough, the lack of shelter should be tolerable. But, also, like Wicked said, horses don't need to have formal shelter to have protection from the elements.

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