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Rachel1786 02-01-2011 02:45 PM

Donkey with smelly nasal discharge
This is kinda a long story, but last spring my moms donkey started having very nasty nasal discharge,smelly, gross greenish/yellow, she had the vet out and turns out he had a tooth abscess, she pulled the tooth and he was put on antibiotics, in July she came out for a recheck, he still had the discharge, she redid his teeth and said he was fine, now here we are in febuary and he STILL had this distinguish discharge, it's only in his right nostril, it looks and smells horrible, but other then that he seems 100% fine, apparently this isn't the first time he has gotten this(whatever this is) and that it normally clears up in the spring, but it has been on going, she hasn't called the vet because she had said it was fine, but ugh he can't be fine, i'm almost wondering if i should have her friend send out a culture and sensitivity(she works at a small animal vet hospital) to see what it is and how to treat it...i just was wondering if anyone had experienced something like this before, we have 3 horses with him and none of them have anything going on, so it's not something contagious, and i doubt it's another abscess because the vet would have seen it when she worked on him in july

cakemom 02-01-2011 06:10 PM

Yes you should send out a c/s. My mare did this, tons of money later I insisted they culture....a week worth of gentocin iv cleared it all up.
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