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Zimpatico 02-01-2011 03:36 PM

Can't ride... Don't Care... WTH???
Some of you were following my posts about Zee's injury last week. Thank you all for your support! Sadly, as you may have seen, he was diagnosed with a torn suspensory yesterday. I had a feeling this might be the case, so I wasn't completely shocked when I got the news. Nobody at my barn thought it would be as serious as this, but I just had a feeling, and I know my boy pretty well. My fiance was totally floored that I was right and every other person that has actually seen him was wrong...

Anyway, I'm taking this surprisingly well. There's a very good chance I won't be able to put him back into serious work for almost a year or more. I've already said that at his age, I might not ever want to jump him again after this. Too risky and just doesn't seem worth it if he reinjures himself. I'm pretty surprised with myself for not being more upset about this. I should be moping, crying, and generally feeling sorry for myself that this happened. I can't ride, my boy is hurt, and we have a long road ahead of us.

I just can't seem to get too upset about it. I've been in constant contact with the vet, researching as much as I can online, visiting him twice a day to make sure he's content and his leg looks ok. I worked out a schedule for his wrapping and hand walking, and we're figuring out how to schedule his PRP treatment at the clinic. I don't know if I'm keeping myself busy and not dealing with it, but I almost feel silly if I get upset about the situation. He's not in pain, and it's not life threatening. His well being is all that really matters to me. So what if I can't ride and we won't show this year?? He's still happy to see me the minute I walk in the barn, acting like his usual self.

Should I be prepared for it to sink in at some point and have a melt down?

Zimpatico 02-01-2011 03:38 PM

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I made this last night to cheer myself up and I thought I'd share...

equiniphile 02-01-2011 03:40 PM

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Things can be much less of a blow when you suspected as much before diagnosis, but it still might sink in and hit you like you wouldn't believe. Take each day as it comes and have fun with hand walking him while he relies on you to get better. Good luck, I'm sure the time'll go by fast and he'll have a speedy recovery :D

Alwaysbehind 02-01-2011 03:42 PM

I am sure there will be days where it will be depressing. Those days where everyone else is buzzing about going to a show or some event that involves riding and having fun.

Glad things are working out. Do not write off his future yet.

lildonkey8 02-01-2011 04:02 PM

first of all, *giant giant giant hugs* i sadly don't know how you feel yet i still feel empathy. zee is a incredibly gorgeous boy (i love his marking on his face) and seems gentle and forgiving.

huge hugs,

Zimpatico 02-01-2011 04:09 PM

Next week is only four months since I bought him! I'm a little sad that it happened so soon, but I'm afraid if I don't stay positive about this, I'll beat myself up thinking that I pushed him too hard or did something that could have prevented this. He'll be 22 in May, so I'm thinking by the time he's fully recovered, we might rethink our aspirations and be perfectly happy riding just for fun. As much as I would have loved to get him back in the show ring and prove to everyone the old guy still "has it", my heart just wants him to be happy and healthy, even if something kept me from ever riding him again.

Zimpatico 02-01-2011 04:12 PM

By the way, my posts may sound a little gloomier than they should. The vet does think he'll recover 100%, although his age is a bit of a hinderance in the healing process. We are looking at proceeding with the PRP therapy, so he might be off stall rest sooner than the anticipated 6 months. My hope is that he'll be able to go out by summer, and maybe light riding by the end of summer. Keeping my fingers crossed! Trying not to think about too much into the future and just focused on the next 60 days until his follow up ultrasound.

zurmdahl 02-01-2011 06:58 PM

When my horse went lame at the beginning of the year I wasn't too upset either, as it was winter and I wasn't doing much anyways. But, as it persisted on and off for a few months and it got warmer and people started to do things I got really upset. Not to say that will happen to you, but it might. I don't think you'll have a big melt down, keeping busy helping him get better with keep your mind off things too. I hope your boy heals quickly!!

Wallaby 02-01-2011 07:12 PM

This is mostly just a post of support. :)

As an owner of another elderly horse, my perspective on things is that I'm gosh darn thankful for everyday that I have with Lacey. There are days where I cry a little about the things we could have done if she were younger, but then I realize that her companionship is more important to me than any activity.
Part of the thing I love about older horses is that they're so much more willing to just be still with you and "hang out". They don't need to DO something to have a nice time with you, they just want you around.
It's perfectly fine to be sad about this turn of events, I know I would be! I'd encourage you to think on terms of what you can and like to do together NOW, rather than what you wish you two could do. That's what I try to do when I start feeling down about Lacey's age. I think about what a great trail horse she is and how, if she had been younger when I got her, I probably would have never figured out how good she is on trail because I would be doing other things, like shows and such. And then I realize that I would have never gotten to realize how much I just love riding a horse at a walk, speed isn't necessary to have a lovely ride (who knew!). I could go on forever, but I think the moral of this story is that I had always thought life with horses had to be fast-paced and slightly hectic but Lacey is teaching me that life with horses is so much better and more blissful when I slow down and take things at her old lady pace.

Lacey and I are sending Zee healing vibes, by the way. :) I hope he heals up really quickly and that you two will be jumping in no time.

Also, I like the picture you made! :)

Jessabel 02-01-2011 07:13 PM

Hey, kudos to you for having such a good attitude. :-) It's really admirable that you take such good care of him, even when he can't be ridden. That's the way it should be.

I feel the same. If one of my guys went lame tomorrow and could never be ridden again, so be it.

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