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barefoothooves 02-01-2011 06:47 PM

What is a reasonable weight load for a mini to pull?
I'm not sure how much my mini can pull w/o harming him. He's 36in, 225lbs (he's fairly trim, not morbidly obese). I can't find much info on towing limits.

I drive him now in a lightweight, 2 wheeled training cart. I weigh about 130, the cart about 100lbs, I think. In teh pasture, obviously,it's harder for him than on the paved road. It's not hilly around here, but I don't want to overdo it in the pasture. Would me n hubby be too much (hubby is big guy at 225).

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 02-03-2011 02:31 PM

I do not have the exact "ratio" either.
But I do know that we have minis, ranging from 30" to 35", and that they can all EASILY pull a cart with me, or my hubby, in it.
And we weigh more than you do.

I've also ridden along with a friend in her cart, and her mini just "hauled a_ _", (excuse my language, but he did! :lol:)
Even with the two of us together!

So don't worry....
I am pretty sure your mini would let you know if it felt there was too much weight to pull.
That is what they are built for.

Hope that helps some?

Oh, and of course you want to make sure your mini is conditioned well before you start going for more strenuous type drives, or ad another person to the cart, etc.....

lildonkey8 02-03-2011 09:16 PM

well my mini donkeys can carry 100 lbs

Left Hand Percherons 02-04-2011 12:47 AM

As a general rule, they can pull 3X their weight. How well they do will depend upon the harness (they can pull more in a collar than breastplate), the balance of the cart, the size of the tires (skinnier tires have more drag),the footing and the balance of the load.

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