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Magic 04-09-2008 09:42 PM

Your english riding tack!
Post your english riding tack (links ONLY if you want)! your Boots, helmet, gloves, breeches, bridle, saddle, saddle pads, boots, polos, ect!

here, I'll start

MY BOOTS - Ariat Crowne Pro (WOW. they were SO much cheaper though! holy cow! they r expensive online!):

BRIDLE - Pessoa pony bridle (I'm not sure if this is the one I have, mines darker, oh well):

SADDLE - well, I have a JRD, but I need a dressage saddle, which I am hoping to find on ebay or creigslist

STIRRUPS - HS Sprenger :

SADDLE PADS - (omg, dont even go there! my saddle pads vary brands, but I have this one) and a few from Bijou pony wear) this is one of my show pads :

BREECHES -Irideon:

HORSE BOOTS - in black- Rome open fronts, gel-tec:

HELMET - charles owen GR8:

GLOVES -idk because I bought them in England. but I used to have some of these:

uhh.... cant think of anything else! Your turn! :)

Cheval 04-10-2008 12:24 AM

I'm not posting any links since I'm tired, but here.

Boots: Ariat Tall Boots - I don't know the type (that I need to break in before show season...urgg!)
& Random half chaps/paddock boots - but I need a new pair and I'm looking for some ariats.

Helmet: My barn owner gave me her IRH!

Saddle: HDR Show jumping pro

Bridle: I don't know what they use for Sunny!

(Horse) Boots: I have a horse pair of Roma open fronts, soon getting a pony pair of open fronts and bell boots for jumping/trail/whatever.

Then I have breeches, gloves, etc.

Magic 04-10-2008 12:52 AM

hehe, yay!

thats so awesome that she gave u her IRH!

I <3 ur saddle btw!

Fellen 04-10-2008 04:08 PM

I'm also to tired to post links but:
Saddle: Hubertus Schmidt Passier Dressage saddle (got a greeeat deal on it.. it was about 9 years old but in really good condition vor just 300... )
Bridle: Something from Loesdau (Local Tackstore)
Boots: Tall boots from Cavallo
Pants: Pikeur or Cavallo for nice pants and have a few crummy ones too, because I'm so sick of spending so much money for pants.
Helmet: Swing something... can't think right now.

brittx6x6 04-10-2008 05:29 PM

I'm not going to post links to everything as that would fill up like 50 pages not lie!!! ha ha ha I will post my show stuff

Horse Stuff
Black show stuff (mainly jumper ring gear):
Horse Boots:

Brown show stuff (mainly hunter ring/pony gear):
Horse Boots:

Rider Stuff
Favorite Show Pants:
Favorite Shirt:

Keep in mind that I did not get this stuff all at one time nor did I get it from this website. If I did you could probably call me a big spoiled brat that gets everything from her daddy ha ha ha. I got these over my years of riding and most of them I bought from the money I earned from buying training and selling poines. :D

Magic 04-10-2008 06:50 PM

^ u gotta love dover, haha!

upnover 04-10-2008 08:44 PM

Oh gosh, this could take a while! (keep in mind horses are my full time job. I have a lot of stuff. I use almost all of it. Daily.)

Sadde: Delgrange PJ Original

Stirrups: knock off Herm Sprengers

Bridles: Horse- Kincade, Circuit Elite, Cob: HDR, Pony- Jaguar

Martingales: no clue

Saddle pads: whatever's on sale

Half pad: fleeceworks, Beval

Girths: at least 3 or 4 different sized fleece girths by Kincade

Whips: Beval hunt crop, really cool sparkly purple dressage whip, lunge whip

Boots: Eskadrons, Romas

Bits: assortment of about 20

Boots: Ariat tall boots (i forget what model), Ariat Devon Pro Paddock boots

Half Chaps: Tredstep Deluxe leather

Helmet: GPA Titium Pro

Show shirts: 2 Ariat Coolmax, 3 Essex CoolMax

Hunt coat: Ariat Legacy

Breeches: 11 pairs of Ariats, Tuff Riders, Riding Sport, Cotton Naturals, Sigmas, etc

brushes, grooming stuff, halters, etc.

I know there's more but that's good enough for now.. :)

Magic 04-11-2008 12:07 PM

hehe, wow! well, I guess the point in this was to write it all out so you now have most of your stuff organized! lol! :lol:

hunterequlover781 04-11-2008 07:58 PM

Schooling Saddle-

Back Pad-

Schooling Square Pads- in like every color known to man



Bridles- (Phinny's)

Bits- Phinny wears a Mylar D ring with a french link
The rest wear medium wieght hollow loose ring snaffles

Show Saddle-

Show Pad- but in close contact

Breeches- I have many pairs. I love these.

Show Shirts- tailored sportsman- lots of colors

Hunt Coats-



Tall Boots-

Helmet- ATH

love-a-hero 04-15-2008 06:02 AM

Well i would put mine down, but i have 6 saddles over 13 bridels, who knows how many saddle cloths/numnars.

I have all Peter Williams Joddies, and Dublin Hacking shirts (blouses), and Ariat Top Boots.

So get the idea :wink:

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