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WWA 02-03-2011 01:56 PM

Buying/selling with/without halter?
I wanna throw a question out to all of you:

When you buy/sell a horse, do you get/provide a halter?

I always thought of it as an unspoken rule that the horse comes with a halter and I have always provided one when I sold a horse.

I am right now in the market for a new horse and have inquired about a few and was told - more often than not - to bring my own halter...

The mare I bought in December didn't come with one and luckily we had one in the truck... I find that odd...

How do you feel about that?
Am I too particular about it?

Speed Racer 02-03-2011 02:04 PM

Yes, you're being too particular.

If you get a halter with the horse, great. If you don't, so what?

I always take a halter and lead line with me when I pick up a horse, since it's never a given that they're going to give you either of those things. Besides, I'm just going to buy the animal a new one anyway.

DrumRunner 02-03-2011 02:07 PM

I always bring my own just in case. Both of my horses came with a halter but I don't use it. I am very picky about my halters and Each of mine have their own and it kinda gets on my nerves when it's on another horse. Grrr..I think If I sold a horse I would provide a halter, but not a really expensive one. I've sold a horse before and I didn't have time to grab one of my older halters for the man because he didn't have a halter so I was REALLY not happy when he took my $40 halter and my lead rope..I went to get halter and come back and he had already loaded the horse and got in his truck.

Alwaysbehind 02-03-2011 02:09 PM

Some states (not sure which though) have laws regulating that the sale of a horse includes a halter and a lead rope.

I think it is common sense that the seller include a halter with the horse. Yes, it will be their oldest and yuckiest halter ever. But it is a halter.

I have never asked though. I have an emergency back up halter with me, just in case. But I approach the situation like the halter is part of the horse.

Delfina 02-03-2011 02:13 PM

My first horse came with a really pathetic excuse for a halter. I still have it, when I sell her, I'll offer it with her. I wouldn't give away her good halter. Just like I am sending her to a trainer shortly, obviously I'll send her in a functional, sturdy halter but it won't be her good one, that way if something happens to it, I won't be upset.

Always bring a halter and leadrope when you pick up a new horse. My last one came home in a halter and dog leash. Remembered to bring a couple different halter sizes, forgot the lead rope!

jess93 02-03-2011 02:31 PM

I always sell a horse with a halter I also tgink they should be privided when baught
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netty83 02-03-2011 02:38 PM

when selling we have always provided a halter and when buying we have always received a halter.

Painted Black 02-03-2011 03:47 PM

I always sell with a halter & sometimes a lead as well.

Countrylady1071 02-03-2011 04:38 PM

i have always sold my horses with a halter, and would provide a lead also if the buyer needed one. obviously i'm not going to give away my best or favorite halters, but i personally think it's just the right thing to do to send the horse you're selling with a decent halter.

on the flip side, when i go to buy a horse i always bring a halter and lead. i would prefer the horse to come with a halter, but if not, i'd like to be prepared. it's not a huge deal if someone doesn't want to include the halter with the horse, especially if they only have a horse or two. maybe they only have really nice quality, or leather halters? i wouldn't expect them to hand one of those over to me.

TamaraB 02-03-2011 04:48 PM

I have never gotten one with a horse!

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