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JazperTheEventer 02-04-2011 01:30 AM

Foal Name Ideas?
Our barn is about to have a quarterhorse foal, we need a name. The sire is Zipps Etched In Stone (Perlino) And dam Jessie's EZ Chip (bay). The baby will probrobly be buckskin, very unlikely but possible it could be black. P.S. The sire is up for breeding, google him.

Sire: Zipps Etched In Stone (Perlino)

Dam: Jessie's EZ Chip (Bay)

Piaffe 02-04-2011 04:43 PM

A Chip Off The Stone (chip off the block..haha...*cough*)...oh my..I am terrible at this O_o

You should post pics when he is born though :D

JazperTheEventer 02-04-2011 04:54 PM

I will :)
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JerBear 02-05-2011 06:09 PM

Zips Etched in Chocolate? haha (like chocolate chip) Yep Im just as bad :lol: Good luck finding a name

RockandRide 02-05-2011 07:54 PM

Zips in EZ and stays forever

I agree with the other names as well. I suck....sorry :)

lilkitty90 02-07-2011 06:18 AM

Zipps Stoney Chip? ahaha oh lord. i love Chip off the stone!

MagicDestiny 02-08-2011 06:06 PM

What about Zips Carved in Stone?
EZ Zippin' Chippin'
Zips Marble Chip
Zips Solid Stone
Zips Gemstone

Well not really good at names. But here are some suggestions! Have fun with the upcoming baby! :)

VelvetsAB 02-08-2011 06:23 PM

First off, are you allowed to use "Zip" or "EZ" in the name?

(Obviously different registries have different rules, but I know in the Standardbred world, that if you have registered part of a name, no one else can use Ambro, Hanover, Seelster, Blue Chip).

I would assume...and you know what they say about that!...that the QH world would have something along the same lines...maybe not. (I'm thinking Lena, Poco, Zippo...??)

MagicDestiny 02-08-2011 06:45 PM

I know with arabians that a common practice is to include part of the dam or sire's name into the foals name as well. So for example, a sire like Xtreme Dream, could have an offspring with the word Xtreme in it. However, I do not know what the quarter horse registries are like, or if they have rules for naming offspring.

ShutUpJoe 02-08-2011 08:35 PM

Zipps Etch A Sketch
Zipps Gotta Etch (instead of itch)
Zipps Sign On The Dotted Line
1040EZ (like the tax form lol)
EZ Does It
Going EZ
EZ To Chip
Zipps Made of Stone
Ezaly Stoned (that's bad lol)
Try it, its EZ
EZ to Zip My Chip
Not EZ to Zip
Zipps Like A Chip (you can't have just one)
Remember To Zipp
Zipp Ate A Chip
This Is Etchin EZ
Etch You (lol I really like that one--bless you)

Okay, that's making me laugh to hard. This is bla bla bla riding Etch You. LOL!

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