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twogeldings 02-06-2011 02:22 AM

WANTED: Regular Horse in MO
I am looking for a sane, broke, mare or gelding in Missouri ready for trails

Criteria Is
Looking for horses around Joplin, Kansas City, and Springfield. I live in Nevada.

I have a budget of MAXIMUM $1,500. I won't be showing this horse, so they don't need any special abilities.

5-8 years old. Not so young that it's still green, but not not too old either. Six, seven, eight are pretty good. I'd go as low as five *if* the horse has good training and has proven itself to be a level-headed trail blazer.

SANE and CALM. NO nutter horses. NOTHING thats 'spirited' or 'likes to run'. I have my 'spirited' crazy horse, I would prefer one that I can relax on. I want a horse that loves the trails and is happy just puttering around in a forest or something. Just, normal. Okay around dogs, cars, ATV's, things you find on a trail. Not so herd bound you have to pry them away with a chain and a large truck would be great.

I hate pushbutton horses. I'm an intermediate rider, working on becoming more advanced. I don't like bucking/rearing/hissy fits, I do like a little bit of perky. If I ask for a trot, I want a trot, not a few steps then a sigh and a walk. I sold a horse because of that, she literally bore me out of the saddle. She was for a child or a beginner rider who needs something that doesn't move faster then a quick walk.

I do ride light, I don't hang on the reins or stick my heels constantly into the horses ribs. Due to my back, I can't sit straight for long periods of time, but I don't sit like a sack of potatoes either.
I would really like a horse where I can hold the reins in one hand, sit back, and relax. I ride a horse like this at a friends house, but he's built downhill so long-term riding/ownership wouldn't work. He's not so laid back that you could take a nap, but he doesn't freak out at every shadow he passes. Just a regular little trail gelding.

I want to be able to load it in a trailer, pick up, clean, and trim it's feet. Apply fly spray, groom, and bathe. I don't clip so thats not a concern. Should be capable of standing tied in a shady spot without flipping out.
General trail skills, w/t/c. I don't need anything that jumps, does tricks, has been shown, needs to be shown, etc. Neck reining is a plus, I work more with legs and light rein cues, so if it the horse kinda gets it thats fine.
Soft in the mouth, huge thing with me. I hate riding brick-headed horses, doesn't have to be pillow soft, just....regular.

Minimum of 13.2hh with a maximum of 15.2hh. I don't like huge horses, I stand 5'5 and don't need anything that towers over me :D

I am looking preferably for a gaited horses
NO downhill built horses. I have a bad back and bad knees and this kind of conformation goes straight into them within 30 minuets of riding. I can manage, but I really do much better on a regular conformed horse. Gaited horses are a godsend.

NO problematic one eyed/blind/colic-prone/club-footed horses. I don't want a super horse, just a normal one. Can't stress that enough. I do not have the proper facilities for a 'special needs' equine.

YES, I do want a horse that kind of fits together. I'm looking for a Forever horse, one that I can ride until it's ready to retire, then watch it mow the pasture until it's good and ready to check out. Something that inhibits it, such as severe cow hocks or straight pasterns, are a big deal breaker.

Honestly...I would really like a classic Black and White Tobiano. This has been my 'dream' color since I was a little kid. A black and white Tobi with a blaze face :D If I can find a Tobiano in this color with a star/stripe/no markings, I'd be just as happy.
If you have, say, a pretty sorrel or a fancy bay, I'd be just as interested. I'm trying to avoid blacks... I'll be looking in the future for a match for my pony Divo, also in black. A bit of a variety in the pasture is nice. Makes them easier to tell apart :lol:

If it has a pretty face and a pretty color, I'm game ;) I'm not really fond of Cremello's / Blue eyes / Pink skin around the eyes. I admittedly am a sucker for 'tall, dark, and handsome'.

I have one mare in mind but figured I'd post and see if I can get a hit on another. The search continues!

Palomine 02-08-2011 06:24 PM

There was a nice mare I ran across last week, if you want me to, I will see if I can still find her, she was near KC MO.

PM me if you want more information on here. I think she was 600 dollars??

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