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Prince#Rider 02-20-2007 07:13 PM

OK, I think my horse is starting to develop a bad habit :evil: . When I was out riding my horse bareback this afternoon, He and I came to a big water puddle. Well, as it goes we stopped in the middle of it and as quick as a flash my horse got down on his his knees and started to role in the mud while I tried frantically to pull him up :roll:. Well, he finally got up and we went out side the pen to continue our ride. Well wouldn't you know it we got out to our front lawn and we stopped to look around, or so it seemed, when suddenly my horse decided that he was not done with his rolling, so again as quick as a flash he was down on the ground. :roll: I really need help!! Any suggestions are welcome!

BeautifulBay 02-20-2007 08:01 PM

oh my! That is no good during a ride! First off, was there any way that you could have been tickling him with something you were wearing? Any loose hanging things, or loose clothing? Could he have any sore spots in his back? Was there something in your pocket that could have poked him? Think of things like that first. If you rule out funny feelings, then tomorrow take him out on the lead line and walk him through these spots and see if he does it again. You may also want to lunge him a little bit before a ride...or maybe lunge him at these spots if you can? I'm not too sure what you can do about rolling like that. Ella did it once after I saddled her up, I unhooked her and started leading her out and she knelt down and laid in the mud for a second. I thought she was being goofy,,,,never has done it since.

Also, just wondering, is there any chance he has a tummy ache??

Prince#Rider 02-20-2007 08:12 PM

Well afterwards I took him to another water puddle and he did the same thing. :shock: I'll try lunging him before my ride tomorrow.
For some reason he loves to do it in the water :roll:.

BeautifulBay 02-20-2007 08:49 PM

I'd try to show him that roling in water is fine, but ONLY when you are not riding him! Lead him around by the puddles and correct him when he tries to roll in them. also, carry a crop when you ride and try giving him a smack on the shoulder when he drops down, and encourage him to get back up again. He's just being silly.

mokinho 02-21-2007 11:42 PM

Just a suggestion and a funny story
I went riding with a friend of mine not to long ago and we rode her horses. We came upon a VERY dry sandy wash and as we rode we were talking enjoying the day. I noticed my mounts head was VERY low and I can see he was making train tracks in the sand, so I turned to the horse’s owner and asked if he was getting ready to roll and she said no he always does that in sand. No sooner I turned my attention back to the horse and started to tell the owner he is acting like he wants to roll he was down having the best roll of his life. I didn't get to finish my sentence that's how quick it was. I still laugh about that experience. :lol:

Suggestion 1:
Ride with some English slip on spurs if you’re not comfortable with slip on spurs get ones with straps. Nothing fancy. Don't use them until you come upon some water. Pay really really close attention to your horse’s actions. Once you recognize the horse has a need to roll move him out and use the crop suggested by BeautifulBay. Move him out with all your energy. Use your seat, your legs, your spurs and your crop. You might want to turn his head back to the direction you came from while using all of your aids. Totally distract him from his goal and move him forward.

Suggestions 2:
Same as above, but with a twist...
Since you know he has this habit. When you see the water come up on the horizon start moving your horse forward with all your aids just as you approach the water and through the water.

Deter him of his goal.
I don't know if this will cure his desire to roll in the water, but as you go through this lesson time and time again he will understand with just a slight touch of the spurs that it’s not time to roll. Of course it will take you awhile for him to learn this, so don't expect miracles. Be patient.

I knew of a horse that had the same problem as yours. He would come upon water and down he'd go saddle and all.

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