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Gidget 02-08-2011 06:59 PM

Tell me about endurance
I started taking an interest in endurance riding.I'm not sure if they are common here in the USA but hopefully. For those who do endurance. How did you go about it when you first took interest?Is it a lot of hardwork?Is it really expensive?Have you done an over night endurance race?

Brighteyes 02-08-2011 08:20 PM

It's pretty popular in the US.

1.) I love trails, but I hate slow trail rides. My BO first introduced me to CT (competitive trail, where every endurance rider should start), and I knew than I wanted to move to endurance eventually. I got a good little horse that shares my heart to run in the woods... The rest is history in the making.

2.) Oooh, yeah. Tough, tough, tough. Before you even get to endurance, you have to spend a while in CT (not HAVE to, but most people use the "ladder system" and start there). CT is tough too. Conditioning, learning to care for your self and your horse over distance, working five or six times a week... You have to learn a lot. You have to read your horse, know his limits, and know when it's okay to push and when to quit... It's a lot to take in. You must have an uncommon degree of knowledge about equine health and fitness, lameness, trails...

3.) Less expensive than most disciplines. No fancy cloths to buy, no fancy saddle, show fees aren't much...

4.) Not yet. I'm still in the CT zone. :wink: I have done overnight, weekend long CT rides.

Gidget 02-09-2011 01:26 AM


I think I might look into it :) It sounds like a lot of fun and I talked to a lady who does lessons and she asked what I am interested in and I told her that. it. I will have to ask some people around here to see where I can get started. I usually lope and trot on trails.

kitten_Val 02-09-2011 09:23 AM

Oh, yes they are common. We have number of endurance riders here in Maryland (some are members of the same club as me). What is tough about endurance though (and why I never even considered it myself) is that your horse has to be VERY fit and capable to do endurance (it's not for every horse).

Gidget 02-09-2011 10:00 AM

it's not?

well that makes sense. Like race horse fit?

vivache 02-09-2011 12:00 PM

My old instructor did it for a while.

It's very physically demanding on horse and rider. A lot of horses broke down on one of the rides she told me about, and many didn't get pass the heavy vet check.

kitten_Val 02-09-2011 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Gidget (Post 922386)
Like race horse fit?

Actually more than that I'd think. :wink: Race horse goes a very short distance. Endurance horses go very long ones on good speed. Its very hard to keep it in that kind of shape (you have to ride a lot, condition properly, etc. which means lots of time spent as well). Plus as I said not every horse is capable of going on long distance. While I'm sure some horses from any breed can do it, endurance riders often use certain breeds (like Arab is one of them).

Gidget 02-09-2011 03:27 PM

okay,I don't think Gidget would be able to do that kind of riding unless it was like a 25 mile ride max.
Is CT pretty muchthe same? I want to get into a horse sport that is really fun.I found a trainer that has done 3 day eventing and has done jumping. Now,I know Gidget really isn't jumping material. Is there any sport you guys think she would be good at BESIDES any western sports.

kitten_Val 02-09-2011 03:39 PM

Gidget, as the very old (and very well known around here) jumping trainer told me once: ANY horse can jump. Depends how high. :wink: If Gidget likes jumping you can just keep training her up to 2 feet or so. My qh does NOT like jumping at all, so after couple attempts I just switched. There are plenty of disciplines: jumping, equitation, dressage, XC if you want to show or just have fun!

Gidget 02-09-2011 03:50 PM

I am really wanting to show and of course it would be ammature shows. I want to get into a specific sport and preferably an english sport. I tried jumping my horse once...bad idea cause it was in a western saddle and I flew over the horn and hit my head on her poll and I literally saw stars and laid on her neck and I later found out western saddles can cause internal bleeding if you land on the horn.I let everyone know that in my family so they wouldn't do it. My mom and I are the only ones who ride english in our family. I just need to train my horse how to jump with her legs tucked under and not one tucked in and one out O.o Silly girl. My trainer I am interested in has done stadium jumping...whatever that is.She also does tune-ups on horses I found out so I will probably end up giving my horse once weekly tuneups. She isn't a horrid horse. I would also like to practice 2 point. I have been off of lessons for almost 3 months becausr my other trainer is waaay out there and it takes a lot in gas for me and this new trainer said she will come to me.

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