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Phantomcolt18 02-09-2011 12:49 PM

How Much Would You Pay For Max
So my barn owner wants sell Max this spring/summer.:-( (I had him in the for sale area last summer I believe) So we were wondering how much do you think he would go for. 11 yrs old this march, registered "Lucky Max", sire is lucky two straws, puppy dog personality, has a lazy streak(needs intermediate rider or he wont move). We are thinking western pleasure prospect or trail horse/husband horse home. The reason my BO is selling him is because Max is too good a horse to let sit in the field and do nothing all the time but Max doesn't like barrel racing or speed events (he really really doesn't like them at all so the prospective buyers would need to understand he doesn't like spurs(we tried bumper spurs on him) and he doesn't like speed, he's a take it easy kind of horse). Hmm he's 16 hands, has gaits like a dream; smooth trot, easy flowy lope(didn't get that in vid cause it was muddy), works off of voice cues in the round pen.
What do you think you would price him at? by the way we're in New Jersey.

This vid really doesn't do him too much justice as the ground is still swampy from melting can see his feet sink when he moves but his trot is very, very smooth. Also this is the first time anyone has been on him since late july. Also he normally doesn't ride in a hackamore but I couldn't find his bit but he works just fine in the hackamore anyway. Oh and I felt like my reins were too long, does anyone else think so?

lildonkey8 02-09-2011 01:00 PM

eh- 1200-2000 round here

tinyliny 02-09-2011 01:05 PM

Hi Cassie,

Well, my honest appraisal is that he wouldn't fetch a lot of money . Just so many horses on the market these days. He isn't old, but he is no way young anymore. He looks really stiff in the back, (the way he runs with his head in the air, even on his own) and his relcutance to move. Too bad a child can't get him to move, because marketinghim as a child's horse would make more sense, since he's a Steady Eddy.
Around here I doubt he'd go for more than about $1000 .

Hope that didn't sound harsh.

Loved the music in the vid.

netty83 02-09-2011 01:32 PM

fantastic music. i was singing along all the way! Nice horse not sure about a price as from uk but just wanted to say he looks a nice fellow.

Zimpatico 02-09-2011 02:32 PM

With a laid back personality, nice age, great height, registered, and nice color... I wouldn't start his asking price any lower than $2500. I'm in eastern PA, just across the river from NJ. Most of the horses in the $1-2K range around here are either very green, or semi-retired, or a grade trail horse. Just remember, you can always drop his price, but you can't raise it! He's got an adorable face, and a video goes a long way when advertising in this price range.

IslandWave 02-10-2011 03:12 PM

Hm... I'd say around $1,000, give or take a little. I'm in the midwest.

If the video is his sale video, I'd like to see him canter both ways. (I just re-read your post and saw the muddy ground part. I highly suggest getting canter clips at a later time to add to the video.) Take some nice conformation photos, each side, front and back, making sure to include his whole body in the photos and stand him on the most level ground you can find. Put the confo pics in place of the grazing ones, maybe keep one in of him wearing the santa hat to show how unflappable he is. But in general, the angle of the pics make his head seem big and his body very downhill. We don't want that. :wink:

You said that he doesn't like spurs, what exactly did he do when you used spurs on him? What about if you motivated him by smaking him on the butt with a whip? Does he ignore even that? By saying that a beginner can't ride him, does this mean you can put a ten-year-old on him and have them fan his sides with their legs and he still won't move? That could be a downer for his ad...

I would maybe cut out some of the at liberty clips. Mostly because a horse will always look great when they're running in the pasture and people will be more interested in seeing how he is undersaddle. Plus, you might scare off some people if they think he's going to race around in their pasture with his head in the air and not be able to catch him. :P I know he was probably just having a ton of fun with his friends, but I think your market will be for people somewhat new to horses wanting a fun, family pleasure/trail horse and they may not have a lot of experience with horses to know that much yet.

I'm sorry that he has to be sold.

Phantomcolt18 02-10-2011 04:20 PM this was not his sale video just a video I was placing here so you guys could see him move ;) When it gets warmer and the ground is less weird (freezing then unfreezing to mud, freezing and unfreezing to mud lol) we're going to be getting him back into shape cause as I said earlier he hasn't been ridden since late july. Also we're definately going to be getting confo shots....when it's warm enough he's gonna be bathed all nice and pretty (hehe he actually loves baths) and get some good shots of him.

With the spurs he didn't buck but he did show his aggravation. He would pin his ears if you so much as tapped him with them and swish his tail real hard and prance like he was saying "Knock it off!" I don't think he would've bucked (he hasn't bucked with a rider in the 8 yrs my BO has owned him) but he just seemed really annoyed and uncomfortable so we stopped it. He's fine with whips but just as like a little push (he doesn't like going fast like in competetions like gaming...we joke and say he's a lover not a gamer haha) He'll gallop on trails and what not though just doesn't like doing it in the arena where a pattern is set up.

I suppose he would move with a beginner ride but they would HAVE to be very persistant because he is very lazy and just wont move unless you make him. You don't have to be an aggressive rider to ride him just a bit more (i can't think of a better word) "aggressive" (again not the word I was looking for haha...but do you get what I'm saying?)

ALSO: just to add to his personality( I forgot it before) he is always low man on the totem pole, he gets bossed around by the little hackney pony in his field haha. just wants to be friends with every horse that comes into his field or onto the property, good for farrier and vet, everything is UTD, not spooky, very mellow.

Um if there are any questions I can answer them =D

tinyliny 02-10-2011 09:17 PM

The word you want is "assertive"

I saw him in the video you made called "horses full of themeselves" and to be honest, he moves really stiffly. He did canter there and his canter was really tight and small. I can't put my finger on it, but he looks really stiff in the back. Could be why he's resistant to cantering under saddle.

He is cute and there are folks who really want that kind of peaceable nature.

twogeldings 02-10-2011 09:45 PM

In my area, you'd probably get between $700-$1,000 in my area (rural-ish Missouri, Joplin-Kansas City-Springfield area)

He looks SO cute! If he wasn't as stubborn he'd definitely fetch more. But most people want full w/t/c for horses that are $1,200+ or they want total working ranch horses. The people who want kid-broke horses here are just out of their minds O-O''

I rode a mare like Max in Lousiana, man I loved that horse to death. She was a lesson horse, Arabian or Arabian cross named Jewel. You HAD to be assertive to get her to move, I was such a proud little nerd because I could get her to walk and trot where others couldn't. I bet Max would be a fun lesson mount, he sounds so mellow and laid back. Just needs a little more oopmf to get him moving.
Then I rode one really spirited mare who was ready to gallop at the slightest touch. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, of course. My second favorite was a Tobiano pony with the most amazing trot ever.

AlexS 02-11-2011 01:27 AM

$600 ish and I am in SE PA.

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