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petitepyromaniac 02-09-2011 02:23 PM

Opinions on this saddle, or any monoflap?
What's everyone's opinions on monoflap saddles?

I'm particularly interested in the Jeffries Flyover Saddle, seen here:
Flyover Saddle

Any opinions on that saddle or saddles in general is appreciated!

Also, what do you feel more secure in? A mono flap where you're close to a horse, or a regular saddle with blocks? I have mixed feelings...

eventerdrew 02-09-2011 04:17 PM

If you're getting a monoflap, I'd recommend a County or Vega

Carleen 02-09-2011 04:20 PM

I have a Stubben monoflap dressage saddle and I really like it. Very comfortable and fits both my horse and I well. The only thing I worry about with it is how expensive it could be if I ever need to repair/replace the billets...

As for security, mine feels just as secure as any regular dressage saddle I've ridden in.

petitepyromaniac 02-09-2011 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by eventerdrew (Post 922850)
If you're getting a monoflap, I'd recommend a County or Vega

The Vega Monoflap is beautiful! I wasn't able to find the County Monoflap though... do you have a link?

The reason I'm considering the Jeffries saddle is because I've found one that's way cheap. I can't really afford the other ones (unless the county one you mentioned is cheap). However, I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble, and if I should just look for a saddle with big blocks.

The #1 thing I'm looking for is security. I've ridden in a monoflap that was very secure, but I've never ridden in a saddle with decent blocks, so I can't really compare. The jumping saddle I have right now doesn't fit me well, and it's hard to stay balanced in.

equineeventer3390 02-09-2011 08:07 PM

Have you looked at toulouse?
Event Saddle - Marcel Toulouse Marielle Monoflap Saddle

I've never seen or sat in a Jeffries but personally think it is extremely ugly!!! haha. For that much money you could find something really nice! You could probably find an amerigo, vega, county, etc for around $1000 used.

equineeventer3390 02-09-2011 08:10 PM

Shasta1981 02-09-2011 11:12 PM

Petite, you should start trying some out. I used to get irritated by my large blocks because I moved out of an AP saddle and wasn't used to the stirrup length but now I love them! What are you riding in now?

petitepyromaniac 02-10-2011 11:00 AM

Right now I'm riding in a Collegiate Parfaire. It has an adjustable knee block, but I pretty much have to take it completely off, because my leg is too long, and the flap isn't forward enough, so there isn't room for it. Plus, I don't feel like the saddle is that well balanced or comfortable in the first place, so I'm looking for something else.

I tried my old trainer's monoflap and loved it, but it was a $3,000 saddle. I'm hoping to find something around $600. The new ones around that range aren't very good, so I'm hoping to find something used that is decent quality.

Trying out saddles isn't much of an option- I live in the middle of no where, and most people around me do western :s So basically it's buy online, and resell if I don't like it or it doesn't fit. That's why I'm trying to get opinions first, so I don't have to go through a bazillion saddles.

Shasta1981 02-10-2011 01:10 PM

You can still have trials with consignment saddles that are for sale online. If I was in your situation that is definitely what I would do. It would be terrible to buy a saddle, decide you don't like it and then be unable to sell it, you know what I mean? You are putting yourself at high risk of ending up in the same situation you are currently in. Pelham has a 7 day trial period and I'm sure there are other sites like it. There are some saddlers who will let you have a whole month with their saddles! Hope this helps! I love saddle hunting....

Pelham Saddlery Finding a Saddle

petitepyromaniac 02-10-2011 01:32 PM

Thank you for that link! They definitely have some saddles of interest. I love the trial option as well.

I love and hate saddle hunting at the same time, haha.

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