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LexiLu 02-09-2011 11:54 PM

Ug, Bloodline Help?
I bought this little Morgan pony mare (about 13 hands) with the idea she was supposed to be due the end of April/ early May of last year. Brought home, and waited and waited .. . . and waited some more and eventually mid AUGUST, I got a little bay filly, completely identical to her mother (dark bay, absolutely no white at all) Anyway she is out of this chestnut Morgan stud:

Books End Hard Copy Morgan

Could anyone at all tell me anything (if there's anything to tell) about his bloodline? I'm not Morgan person, really don't even like them, and will probably end up selling her but I was just curious.

** Also not sure if this should even go here. There dose't seem to be a board for registries/bloodlines **

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