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PintoTess 02-10-2011 02:57 PM

The story game, it is FUN!!
Alright so I start off with the first chapter of the story, then someone writes the next chapter, the someone else writes the next one as and so on. It is fun :D Not really that hard. All you have to do is make up the next chapter of the story :-P

Chapter 1
It was raining the day that I went to see Diamond in the mares paddock on a big arabian stud called Golden Valley Arabians. I had never seen this mare before, I only knew that she was a golden palomino with a diamond shaped star on her forehead.
When I arrived, I saw that the mares paddock was full of palominos, some of which were standing over sleepy foals and acting miserable in the rain. I had no idea which one was diamond, so I yelled her name. A beautiful arabian mare with a long creamy mane and tail spun around and whinnied, recognising her name. It was then that I was lost with her. It was love at first sight.

PintoTess 02-10-2011 05:02 PM

Come on guys, you can make it anything you want!

myhorseriesen 02-10-2011 05:08 PM


chapter 2.
in my mind she seamed to glow. a perfect fit. in awe i reached out my had and stroked her long mane speckled with rain drops. my fingers caressed the diamond on her face and, without thinking hopped on her back, stupid thing to do. she bolted as the rain stung my face was i wrong to feal elated?

PintoTess 02-10-2011 05:11 PM

The mare went wild! Bucking and rearing and never stopping until she threw me into the blackberry bushes. I squeeled with pain and Diamond stopped and stared. She suddenly got a worried look on her face and plodded over to where I lay in a crumpled heap. I didn't see her coming. She nosed my face until I stood up, bleeding and cut. I wanted this horse, she was the one for me.

myhorseriesen 02-10-2011 05:15 PM

the look in her face told me she was truly sorry, she rubbed her head on my still bleeding chest and pain shot through me. how badly was i hurt? as i assessed the damage, (nothing to bad) diamond stood next to me and then i saw the little muzzle poking out from behind her, a foal!

RockandRide 02-10-2011 07:25 PM

Slowly, the foal gained courage and came out. Curious, he started to nudge me with his muzzle as his mother was doing. Being very careful, I slowly stood up and petted both their noses. That was when I remembered I had to halters and lead ropes in my backpack (what a coinqydink) so I slowly put them on and took them into the barn. There I saw the barn owner who took me into her house with shock of seeing me cut and bleeding.

PintoTess 02-10-2011 09:48 PM

She asked me what happened. I told her the whole story, of how Diamond was worried.
"Odd, Diamond hates poeple and her foal is the same" Said the yard owner.
"I love her and I only just met her" I replied
"Kate, if you love the horse so much you can have her, and her foal as well" The yard owner offered.
I jumped at the chznce. Diamond and her foal, whom I named opal, were now mine.

RockandRide 02-11-2011 06:56 PM

The very next day, after I had them checked by the vet and had been given the ok to ride Diamond, I spent the whole night and morning with them. After lunch, I went and brought the saddle and bridle the barn owner had given me. Not sure how good she was with the saddle, I carefully put it on to find she is insanely calm! The bridle was another thing. After at least 20 minutes of trying to get the bit in, she finally accepted it and we were off to the paddock. Once mounted, I noticed something great about the way Diamond felt under me, and that's when it hit me....I mean LITTERALLY hit me. My big brother was throwing rocks at us with his friends!

PintoTess 02-13-2011 07:53 PM

Diamond freaked out. Bucking and rearing. I used soothing words to calm my mare and she instantly settled underneath me. Why would Jack be thrwoing rocks at us? Then I rememberd that he hated horses. Then I thought of the foal, all cooped up in the stable. My brother was no where to be seen. The foal ran out of the stable and up the lane way. With my brother chasing him with a stick. Then a stray dog leaped out of the stable as well. I then realised that my brother was trying to save my foal. Maybe he had changed. I sure hoped so.

RockandRide 02-13-2011 08:15 PM

Just as I got Diamond soothed, the stray dog gave a sound you would've thought came from a llon. Diamond spooked before I could blink and started cantering towards the fence. Before I knew what was happening, she jumped the fence, leaving me in the dust, and started galloping towards Opal. She reached them in no time, and turned towards the dog and reared causing the dog to run away. I climbed the fence to thank my brother for helping and then mounted Diamond again. I walked Diamond towards the barn, and Opal followed her mother, and eventually I got her in her stall. I decided to try riding Diamond one more time. Carefully I mounted her and picked up the canter, soon enough I felt confident enough to jump her so I decided to start with something she knew....the fence.

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