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Nina 02-12-2011 02:15 PM

Horse leads then stops and wont move again!!!!!!!!
Hi all,

Ive recently bought a colt, he is 2 years old and has now been with myself around a month, hes doing very well and has settled in fine. The only thing I seem to have trouble with is when leading. He is not scared and seems to just have these occasional stubborn moments where he refuses to move. I have tried everything from moving him backwards, to walking at his shoulder and pushing him on to standing at the end of the lead rope and seeing if hell come forward on his own accord to walking him in a cricle when he stops to pushing his hindquaters, but none of that seems to work.

I was just wondering if anyone has had a horse and had the same problem or knows how to help me take a step forward and get him on the go, I have been doing alot of reading up but it seems to pretty much suggest doing what ive done but doesnt work!!!!

tinyliny 02-12-2011 02:24 PM

The only thing I would know if you might have done.
I would have him on a long lead (like 12 feet or more) and use a rope halter.
I lead with my horse about 3 feet behind me. If he stops and wont come forward I take the loose end of the lead rope and swing it around behind me and try to reach as far back as possible to either touch him with it, or just move throught the air near him. He may not come forward. He may runs sideways or even backward, but he does MOVE. so this serves to break him out of the stalemate, then I begin walking forward and he should now follow.

I don't know if this is correct for every horse because if your horse is so green that he doesn't know how to lead at all, then this might not be good. But my horse knows what leading is, so if he refuses to come up and stay with me, he is being stubborn and I will correct him.

Good luck and hopefully you will get some good ideas.

Ray MacDonald 02-12-2011 02:26 PM

Get a dressage whip or could use the end on your lead line and whack him in the butt the second he stops moving forward.

smrobs 02-12-2011 02:41 PM

Another idea that works is to get another lead rope and wrap it around his butt (like you would do when teaching a foal to lead), then when he plants his feet, give him a little bump with the rope around his butt. That will almost always get them moving again.

Sarahandlola 02-12-2011 02:43 PM

Lola did the exact same thing when I got her! She just about walks the whole way now without stopping. It happened mostly coming in from the field and going into the arena...She may stop once now coming in from the field but she walks straight into the arena now without stopping...

I had to bring a whip with me a few times but that made her back away and nearly rear. So now if she stops I stand right and her shoulder instead of going ahead of her and pulling. when I go back to her shoulder she usually walks with me again. If that does not work I swing the lead rope behind me...

It is probably a trust thing. Maybe once he gets used to you he will walk better.

Nina 02-12-2011 04:54 PM

leading problems and height question at end...thanks guys
hey thanks for all your quick come backs.

I have not tried the long line around the butt so will give that a go as he could wolk for five mins past something again and again which is why it makes me think he is just being stubborn, so that deffinatly sounds like a good idea as i have tried giving him a tap on his side with the lead rope and he just goes into reverse and tries to rear. Looks like a trip to the saddle shop is in order lol.

Also I dont know if you have any clues he is 2 and around 14.2 - his mam is dales and his dad a 17hh tb, Ive been reading up and alot of sites say he will grow a bit more then the other half say he wont but will fill out. I am not really bothered either way but it would be nice to know if anyone has had a colt/filly around that age and thinks he may grow more or just fill out could you let me know just so i know what to expect.

Thanks :)

smrobs 02-12-2011 05:02 PM

It varies on how long they will continue to grow. Some horses will continue to gain height into their 5 year old year and other stop growing a 3. He will likely continue to build muscle mass and bulk up until he is probably 7 or 8 though.

nitemystichorse 02-12-2011 10:08 PM

Im having the same problem with a new pony i have. He stops and plants his feet. i have tried alot. still fighting with him.

Nina 02-13-2011 05:52 AM

Its so frustrating isnt it, If I have any joy I will give you a shout and let you know what it is I did so you can try putting it into practice with yours. In the mean time good luck :)

Marecare 02-13-2011 11:53 AM

The creation of impulsion is a requirement in all phases of training and you might as well start thinking about it right now.

How do you create it?
Some people treat a horse or drag them.
Some threaten or discipline.

You can chase the horse or inspire the horse and that is your choice to make.

I always look to inspire them to move forward and it starts here.

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