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Jet7689 02-13-2011 11:47 AM

Rescue Horse Spooks Easily
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So my boy, Jet, has been at the trainer's for two weeks ( I miss him like crazy) to get him started under saddle. In the next week I will start going to work with the trainer and Jet. The pros so far is that the trainer said Jet has a good heart and loves learning. He said that Jet has remembered everything he has taught him and is not lazy about anything. The major con is that he spooks at nearly everything, a strong wind, a car passing down the road, a cat, a grasshopper. I don't know all of his past, except the woman i got him from bought him directly from a kill buyer. When she got him he acted very fearful of people but came around. He was with her for about five months and he has been with me for about four. He was super skinny when i got him from her but that has all changed now as he is a healthy boy now. So, any advice on how to desensitize him to these things. The trainer says he obviously has a good memory because he remembers everything he has taught him but with that good memory holds onto whatever happened to him in his past. Have any of you had to work with a horse that spooks so easily? I know the trainer is working with him on this but I was wondering if any of you had any stories of encouragement. :D

My boy Jet...

JustDressageIt 02-13-2011 11:50 AM

2 weeks isn't a whole lot of tome, and I'm not at all surprised a rescue horse is spooky. Spending time desensitizing will help, but so will a few wet saddlepads. Give him another 6 months at least before you worry about spookiness ... it isn't uncommon for green horses in general, especially rescues.
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Jet7689 02-13-2011 11:57 AM

Thanks, he will be with the trainer for two months so we will see how it goes. He is the baby at the barn, about three years old, so a lot of people come up to him, but i know one day a barn guy squirted him with a water bottle and he freaked out, I told him not to do that anymore but another time I was out letting him run around in the arena and when i walked him to put his lear rope on, a woman, who says she is a trainer, threw mud rocks at him and was about an inch from kicking me in the hip. She actually thought he kicked me, it was that close. To some people or their horses that might be an issue but for him it is terrifying. I will be patient though as he is a wonderful boy with a lot of personality.

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