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damnedEvans 02-14-2011 04:54 PM

Arabian stallion - critique please
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Rashid is an arabian stallion, was donated to us some time ago. I think that he's around 8 years old. We started him to riding and he's doing fine. Unfortunately he's easily scared and he tends to rear when forced to do something. He rears only when you approach him suddenly or when you try to force him to move forward on the ground. Under saddle he's ok.

I'm curious to see your opinions on his conformation. Hope that the photos are ok, I didn't managed to find one with his hind legs but if needed I can take one next time.

He's feet are due for a trim
. He needs to be sedated for the trim. That's way his feet are not in a great shape.

This is Rashid on his first day at us.
Attachment 55650

This is after 1/2 month with us
Attachment 55651

And those are recent
Attachment 55652

Attachment 55653

Attachment 55654

Attachment 55655

Attachment 55656

Attachment 55657

Attachment 55658

tinyliny 02-14-2011 05:03 PM

he is built pretty well. His legs are straight and good hocks. Knee is good.
pelvic angle is typical of Arabians. His elbows are a little tied into the body, (not as much freedom in the front end). His neck is a tiny bit short and not tied on as high as could be, but that might be an optical illusion because his shoulder is quite upright.
To be honest, he is built well, a sturdy horse, but not fantastic and I wonder why he is still a stud.

equiniphile 02-14-2011 05:17 PM

He has okay conformation, but nothing spectacular I would want to breed to. Is he going to be gelded or left a stally?

lilruffian 02-14-2011 05:27 PM

Nice looking horse though i agree with the others & he does look like he has a very sharp angle to his shoulder & his neck is set high.
Nice legs though.

damnedEvans 02-14-2011 05:32 PM

Thank you all for the answers. Really appreciate because I can't see those details when critiquing a horse, I can see only the big and obvious faults.

As for Rashid being a stallion, I can answer that too. :D
He is at a horse shelter now so he won't be breed for sure while being with us. We thought about gelding him but we had some things more urgent that this one on our heads. He is well mannered for a stallion and manageable if you are not a complete beginner. If you wouldn't know that he is a stud you wouldn't guess it even if he's around mares. We took him to some trail rides with the girls and he did just fine. You could think that he has a gelding. He didn't showed us that he's a stallion the whole ride. So for now it's no hurry to geld him. He's not aggressive toward us at all, all he does is from lack of socialization and fear.

And another thing that we take into consideration is the thing that in my part of world we have 80 - 90 % of the horse population only mixed breeds. So when you have a horse that it's not mixed you keep him intact if he's not ugly like hell. So if we would put him up for adoption we would have more chances of finding him a home if he's still a stallion. With a lot of mixed horses kept as stallions around here Rashid would be great even if he would be bred in the future by his adopters.

We usually geld all the stallion that came at us but now we have some doubts about this.

tinyliny 02-14-2011 08:17 PM

He is not bad, and he is sturdy, so crossed with a mixbreed Arab, you might get a really nice riding horse of 3/4 arab. I can see your logic.

damnedEvans 02-15-2011 03:55 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 928791)
He is not bad, and he is sturdy, so crossed with a mixbreed Arab, you might get a really nice riding horse of 3/4 arab. I can see your logic.

Thank you. :-)

CJ82Sky 02-15-2011 05:00 PM

id have to say he's not bad by any means but does he come with papers (if i missed that im sorry im reading at work haha).

a non-papered horse even if purebred in this market is the same as (imo) a grade horse. while he is nice and relatively easy to handle, the life of a stallion is hard - bred or not. once they are bred they need to be kept separate - private turnout, it's more stressful on them, and many tend to develop bad habits like weaving and what not. now i know not all do, but it can happen and is relatively common.

that said also if he was adopted, how would you control who he was bred to? while there are a lot of grade horses out there, i wouldn't saa there are 80% or more. i also feel that with so many horses in need, breeding only the best is key to giving the others in need a better chance at homes. if everyone bred horses that were ok and not horrible bc they were purebred we just succeed in diluting the quality of the breed.

i am not against breeding - i bred my tb mare. she has good bloodlines and i had her and her offspring approved OLD NA (she is main mare book, offspring branded OLD NA). but she and the offspring remain mine and are not to be adopted (obv if i had to sell them for financial reasons i would - hence making sure they are registered even though i don't care personally).

see what i'm getting at? i'd be concerned that a horse already with emotional and some fear/rearing issues that has testosterone will be better off as a gelding as the reduction in hormones will help him and has a good chance of improving his quality of life and being able to be integrated into herd turnout and an overall less stressful existence.

i've been in rescue for many years and never found that adopting out a stud was a good idea unless the cream of the crop bloodlines wise and even then it was a challenge and something we've stayed away from. the biggest concern is the potential for a horse to be bred to everything and anything and end up with a situation like one rescue we pulled from auction who was "never bred" and low and behold had a baby 8 mos later....

im not judging, just asking with the number of unwanted horses in the world today, please think this through completely incl the horse's best interests, quality of life, etc.

good luck - he seems to have potential as a riding horse for sure.

CJ82Sky 02-15-2011 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by tinyliny (Post 928791)
He is not bad, and he is sturdy, so crossed with a mixbreed Arab, you might get a really nice riding horse of 3/4 arab. I can see your logic.

i agree however i see hundreds of these (literally) going through auction that need homes and end up at slaughter instead weekly.

i just ask - why make more grade horses and would he have a better quality of life if gelded and then able to be integrated into group turnout, less stressful life, less hormones, etc. all food for thought.

i do not have the answers, just lots of questions.

damnedEvans 02-15-2011 05:42 PM

@ CJ82Sky : I completely understand your point of view and I agree with you. If I was from a different country I will think and do exactly like you do. But the difference is that I'm in Romania and the views here are completely different.

Here a horse is great if he can pull a cart (the majority of people think this). The vast majority of horse owners are from rural areas where a horse is some kind of cheaper tractor. You could understand this mentality if you think of Amish people from America. So they don't need papers or purebred horses to do their job. That's way we have so many mixed horses. And here mixed doesn't mean 1/2, 1/4 Arabian or other breed. A mixed horse is a horse of unknown ancestry that was bred with another horse of unknown ancestry for generations. You couldn't tell if he has a certain breed in it or no. It's exactly like a mustang.

If someone had a mare he will breed the mare with whatever stallion that it's closer to him. If he thinks that his mare is great quality and she does her job like no other he will choose more carefully and he will choose a stallion that is beautiful or one that is of a certain breed. But this is a rare case.

The government has a program that allows you to "rent" a stallion from a stud farm for free for the time of a breeding season or more to whoever interested in this. With this program they try to improve the horse quality in the country. So you can take for free a great stud with great bloodlines and use it for a certain time period for free with only one condition: To promote the stallion in your region and to encourage your neighbors to brigs their mares to him. But the sad thing is that people don't like the idea to much so the stallions are left there without any use at all. Some great stallions where wasted like this.

The only horses that have papers here are the ones from stud farms and the ones that are imported. And you need a papered horse only when you want to use it in competitions. If you compete with a horse that has papers you can sell him for a lot of money in the future.

But if you need a horse like Rashid that you'll use for riding the money that you pay for him are the same even if he is or he is not papered.
Rashid had papers because he is from a stud farm, we know this for sure but one of his ex-owners lost him at poker and the one that gained him at poker donated him to us because he wasn't a kids horse. In the end he came to us without papers, but in this situation you can imagine that papers are not at all important.

So that's way the situation from Ro is completely different. But I totally understand from where are you coming from. I don't know when our situation will become different. I'm waiting for it but from what I see now our government isn't interested in horses at all.

Maybe if it was my decision to take I would take it. I don't want him as a stud for one simple reason, it will be easier to geld him and keep him with all our horses in the same pen. But as a stallion we keep him separated and let him with the geldings only under supervision. We try to introduce him to the geldings step by step.
But our BO (or maybe shelter owner) like to see him a stallion because he's so beautiful and nice and doesn't see the point in gelding him. When he came she was "we will geld him immediately" but now she changed her mind.

Thank you for the opinion and advice. Really appreciate it.

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