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JustDressageIt 04-13-2008 12:37 PM

Blanket rubs
*sigh* I'm sure everyone that blankets their horses has this problem - the hair rubs off on the front of their shoulders... besides buying a slinky, what else can you do to prevent this?

appylover31803 04-13-2008 12:49 PM

i think i heard once putting baby powder there, but i'm not sure if that's true.

sandsarita 04-13-2008 06:24 PM

I've used show sheen on the rub spots very effectively for years. It prevents them, and can actually allow new hair to grow in.

JustDressageIt 04-13-2008 07:24 PM

Hmm... I've tried Show Sheen, and it seems to be working. I just don't want to invest $70 into a slinky a month before it's time to take the blankets off for the summer.
Here's a picture of what I mean:

brittx6x6 04-13-2008 07:52 PM

We take the fleece things for their halters and attach them to the sides right there. We take heavy duty velcro and stick it on the blankets and then we wrap the fleece around. You could also just buy fleece. Its a quick fix for not having to put sleezys on. I also do have sleezys but have the time the blanket rubs a hole in that. ha ha ha

hope this helps :D

hunterequlover781 04-13-2008 07:54 PM

baby oil does the trick and I hear it helps the hair to grow back faster.

Equina 04-14-2008 11:48 PM

What I do (this may defeat the purpose of saving the $70 on a slinky) is buy a whole bunch of blankets in different shapes/styles. Each one fits a little differently, so as I alternate them, they never consistently rub in the same spot. This also makes me make sure that I'm frequently having them laundered, so I don't get any stinky/mildew/mod/gunk buildup.

It sounds kind of expensive, but I just buy things in the off-season and my horse takes a pretty large size, so usually the "left over" sizes will fit him.

I've also had show sheen work fairly well. Do the blankets that rub your horse have nylon lining? Felt/fleece/wool? I've heard that a silky material (such as nylon) is more likely to glide across your horse's coat and not catch/pull/rub like others.

Also, you can just buy a shoulder guard instead of the full slinky to save some money. You could probably get one on eBay for like $20 (including shipping).

Gingerrrrr 04-15-2008 10:30 AM

yea i have that shoulder guard and it cost me like 15 or 20$.

JustDressageIt 04-15-2008 10:40 AM

Haha the shoulder guards at my local tack shop are $70... :( I might have to go shopping online..!

Equina - unfortunately I can't see myself getting into that routine.. mostly because I can't see myself laundering my blankets regularily... where do you take yours? How much do you spend per go?

Gingerrrrr 04-15-2008 10:46 AM

oh my gosh i hate washing blankets. i have to go to the laundry mat. the only reason why i had to put a blanket on my horse is because when i bought her she barely even had a winter coat so the woman put a blanket on her. :roll: i dislike blankets...also they end up smelly and gross if you dont wash them regularly..

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