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Broski1984 02-15-2011 05:53 PM

Horses For Sale in PA - Draft, Miniatures, Projects - Other Livestock, Too
Due to some unforeseen problems, my family may have to move to California (ick)... and into the city. :-( This, of course, means we'll have to sell our livestock, including the horses.

Prices for the horses were picked by my mother, not me, and I don't know how much she'll go down, if at all. I'm very negotiable on the other animals, as long as they're going to good homes.

We are located in Elverson, PA, which is near Reading. I can email pictures, but not post them. Ads may not be very detailed, as I'm pretty upset, but feel free to post, PM or email ( if you have any questions.

First up, are the horses.

Bruce - 11-12 Year Old Percheron/Morgan Cross Gelding, 16'3hh, Broke to Ride/Drive - $1300

Bruce is my favorite of the bunch, and my "personal" horse. He is broke for a "firm" beginner or intermediate rider; no buck, bolt or rear, but he might be hard to "get going", and can be barn sour (turns around and walks back to the barn if you let him). When I last rode him in late December, he was NOT acting barn sour, but he probably is a little worse now due to having two months off.

He is broke for western and English; direct reining only. W/t; trot is a bit rough, but better than most draft horses', and we never bothered to canter him, but I'm sure he does canter.

He was trained by the Amish, and does drive, although we haven't done it. I'm sure he'd behave well, though.

Excellent ground manners; picks up all four feet, stands to be bathed/have sheath cleaned, ties beautifully, loads, etc. Great, friendly personality, but not clingy or pesky. Gets along well with other horses, but DOES want to be the boss.

Needs hooves trimmed. UTD on everything else; our farrier just won't come up to our barn, because the drive way's blocked up with snow.

He is mostly black, with a white snip/stripe.

Phin - 3-year-old, 15hh Grade Gaited Project Gelding, Greenbroke Only - $300

Phin is my mother's horse, and she'll be very sad to see him go.

He is turning three this year, I believe in May, although I don't know his exact birth day. He is green-broke to ride, and hasn't caused any problems while being riden, although he has only been riden in pasture and rings - no trail rides.

He has good ground manners, but not the best, and needs a firm hand to handle him. He isn't crazy, but if he thinks he can get away with something, he'll try it. Stands tied, bathes, loads, leads, picks up all four feet. Won't let someone clean his sheeth.

He is UTD on everything, aside from hoof-care. He is sorrel, with a blaze and a back sock.

Rupert - 18-month-old Morgan Colt, 13hh currently - $75

Rupert we got out of a really bad situation, so he's on the skinny side, and he needs some hoof care, although he is sound and is growing. He is not broke to do anything, obviously, but has great ground manners (leads, loads, picks up feet, etc.), and has a very sweet personality. He's a big puppy dog, really.

He is UTD on everything, aside from hoof care. He is chestnut, with a blaze and a back sock.

Cotton & Demetris - 5-year-old miniature Jack donkey, and 10-15-year-old Gray miniature donkey gelding - $350 for pair

These two MUST go together, as they're very attatched to eachother.

Cotton is the jack; he stands about 9'2hh, and is not broke to ride or drive, but could be. He is a paint, with matched markings and no cross, and could be bred or gelded. He does NOT act like a jack with people, and is very sweet. Excellent ground manners, but is a little head/ear shy. He has no health problems.

Demetris is the gelding; he stands 8'2hh or so, and used to be broke to ride. However, he was riden for a long time by kids much too big for him, and he suffers dwarfism, so he is no longer sound to ride or drive. He has foundered in the past, and is currently getting over it. Great ground manners, but a little lazy, to walks slowly when being lead. Would be great for a petting zoo.

Richard - 2-year-old Miniature Mule colt, 9hh - $200

Richard is a 2-year-old (or soon to be, I don't know his birthday) mule colt. He is not yet gelded, and should be soon. He is very sweet, but can be a "jerk"; does not kick or bite, but I think you know what I mean.

He could be broken to ride or drive, or just be kept as a pet.

He is bay in color, with no markings.

"Lordano"/Randy - 11-year-old Warmblood, 17hh, broke to ride and jump? - $5000

I really apologize, but I do NOT know anything about this horse, only that he belongs to my mom and is in the barn! I've seen him riden before, and I know that he either jumped or did dressage before, and that's about it.

He is registered, and was given to my mom as a present. He sold for quite a bit originally, but I do not know how much. He is a bay, and very sweet.

Sorry about any inconsistancies with posting format; everyone is UTD on everything except hooves, though. I'll try getting more information on Randy.


I've got 7 pet goats as well.

There is Sally, a 5-year-old tradtionally colored Boer doe, who is currently pregnant (bred to a pygmy buck before we got her), and due to kid any time now. If she kids before sold, she will sell with the kids at no extra cost. She is very sweet, and leads/stands for hoof trims beautifully. She usually has twins, but has had triplets before. She is dehorned. and weighs about 200 pounds. Asking $175, but will go down.

Next, is Ella, a 1-year-old (or less) tri-colored Alpine doe, who is possibly bred (not sure what to, it was before we got her), and if she is bred, will be due to kid in about two months. She is incredibly sweet, and likes people better than goats. She is dehorned, and weighs about 100 pounds. Asking $150, but will go down, especially if she isn't pregnant. We have not seen her go into heat, though.

Echo is the last of the girls; she is a 2ish month old red Boer doe, who is obviously not bred. She is very, very sweet, and was a bottle baby (and a triplet), and acts just like a puppy. She is very big for her age, weighing about 30 pounds. She is not dehorned, but possibly still could be. Asking $80, but will go down.

Phil is the only intact male, and was born in late October. He is a paint Boer, with a red stripe going down his side. He is the most skittish of the group, but is not aggressive, and once caught is friendly enough. He weighs about 60-70 pounds, and is not dehorned. Asking $100, but will go down.

Next are the wethers; Ellis, Gorrister and Hermes. Ellis is a nubian, and about a year old, but very small for the breed; Gorrister is a miniature alpine, and very small (about 15 pounds), and is about a year old; Hermes is a 5-year-old gray angora.

Ellis is the only one who is dehorned, and they are all very friendly, with Gorrister being the friendliest. I'd like them to go as a group, and just make an offer on them.

All the goats are UTD on wormings and hoof trims; only Hermes and Sally have all their shots.

Lastly, we have our pet steer, Jeb. He was born in mid-december, and is 1/4th Jersey, 3/4ths Holstien. He is broke to lead and pick up his feet, and knows what "no" and "stop" mean. He is very sweet, and very loving, and I do not want him to get eaten. He'd be a great riding or driving steer prospect (what we intended to do), or just could be kept as a pet.

A good home is a must for everyone, and all prices are possibly negotiable. Ideally, we'd like the option to buy them back (especially the wethers, steer and Bruce) eventually, but that isn't nessacary.

horseluver250 02-15-2011 07:57 PM

Is Echo registerable? Is she full boer?

Broski1984 02-15-2011 08:17 PM

She is a full boer, but she is not registerable. The only one who MIGHT be is Phil, but I never pursued it.

Broski1984 02-16-2011 11:09 AM


We have, some how, found a small farm we can rent temporarially, so we can keep at least the goats, steer and miniatures. Consider them all "Sold", aside from possibly Ella, who we may sell anyway (she and Sally do not get along, and we like Sally better).

The larger horses are still for sale, especially Randy. We are trying to secure transportation for them, but if we can't soon, they'll have to go anyway.

I didn't realize you opened the floodgates of insanity so quickly when you listed horses online.

I've gotten emails asking if Phin and Rupert would be good horses for green riders (Yeah kids, green horses are great for green riders!), if I'd take as little as $500 for Bruce and pay for shipping, and numerous people who resorted to insults when I told them it wouldn't work with them.

One person had the nerve to ask if I'd take $800 for Bruce, accept a mailed check, and if I was okay with them reselling him immedietally to a client. When I told them I didn't want that, as it screamed scam and bad home, and got a rant on how they were one of the most respected breeders in America, and I was an awful owner anyway because I was selling him, so what did it matter if they did it?

Jesus, Craigs List, you so crazy.

TheRoughrider21 02-17-2011 02:00 PM

I wish I could buy Bruce, but I'm pretty far away and I can't afford another horse. Good luck selling them though!

Broski1984 02-17-2011 09:29 PM

Thank you! I've got three people coming to look at Randy tommorow, and if he sells for what we're asking, we can probably hire a friend of ours to transport the others. Fingers crossed!

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