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Roberto 02-18-2011 04:11 PM

Baby not a baby anymore
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This is Darling Roberto, aka Pistol. I've posted him a few times in other threads, but this one is just for him. I bred my TB mare, Soy La Una to a foundation/Lippett bred Morgan - OM Jacob Ash, in 2007. Pistol was born on April 1st 2008. I'm going to be sending him out for 90 days of training beginning March 1st. I plan on doing English flat classes with him for a while as well as starting some dressage. Eventually I hope he will be my jumper. My vet says he is very "springy". His mother was a fantastic jumper, so we'll see if he got the jumping bug. The first pic is the day he was born, next two pics are of him at 30 days old and then one of him at 14 months old with his mom. And the last two (sorry they are so dark) are of him now.

apachewhitesox 02-18-2011 04:14 PM

He was a very cute foal and I think he is very beautiful now, I like his face.

Roberto 02-18-2011 05:10 PM

Thanks AppacheWhiteSox, I think he beautiful too! But then I may be just a wee bit biased.

I've really worked on all of his ground stuff and saddling, so that my trainer can pretty much just jump in the saddle and get going. I know that she is going to want to go over things with him and see where he is at, we are actually meeting this Sunday at my local fairgrounds to introduce the two. But I'm hoping that she will be on him within a week or two and they can start his under saddle work.

I'll be taking more pics as he progresses and posting.

apachewhitesox 02-18-2011 05:37 PM

can't wait to see more pictures

ShutUpJoe 02-18-2011 08:24 PM

What a pretty boy!

Gizmo 02-19-2011 08:42 AM

Very interesting cross it is hard to find Lippett Morgans now. I had a Lippett Morgan mare, but she was a WITCH! I went to a rescue a few weeks ago and they haf one there and they said that they didn't even breed them anymore, which I don't think is true because I know of two farms off the top of my head just around here. I live in NH so Morgans are big.

haleylvsshammy 02-19-2011 10:15 PM

Love the first pic with the yawning mama! Pistol is too cute!

smrobs 02-19-2011 10:23 PM

He's gorgeous. Doesn't it always work that way though, one minute they are gangly newborns and the next, they are ready for an actual job and saddle training.

paintluver 02-20-2011 11:12 PM

Look at dat widdle face!! He is such a looker.

Roberto 03-01-2011 02:17 PM

Thank you everyone for the kind comments. Of course I love him, he's my baby. I just wish his back would have been a smidgen shorter, darn TB mare!

Dropped him off at the trainers today, almost made me cry. It's like sending your last child off for their first day of kindergarten. I met with the lady who will be doing his training on Sunday, Feb. 20th and showed her what we have already accomplished so far. I know she will need to go over things with him and let him know that she is now in charge, but at least she has an idea of where he is at.

She really liked him and when I dropped him off today, she said she was really excited to be working with him. So, unless she calls me, I'll be going out in 3 weeks to see him and her and I will take some pics. Maybe she'll even be riding him by then!

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