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ButtInTheDirt 02-18-2011 06:05 PM

Horse Trailer Questions, Please Assist Me. :3
So, I hope this is in the right spot. I figured a trailer would be considered equiptment of some sort. x3

So back to the point, now. Could a two horse trailer fit three horses? I measured my trailer today and it's about 15 feet long. We put an 14.2hh appy gelding and 16hh paint mare in there and they fit fine already. We don't have a divider in between them, they don't fight at all and have plenty of wiggle room. There is a spot in the front of the trailer that has a side door, then a pannel type divider that separates it so you can put tack up there. It takes about four or five feet off the room for the horses. But that's how we always put them in.

I was wondering if this trailer would be large enough to fit three horses at a diagonal. I'm not sure how wide it is, but fits about two and a half horses wide. (I'm just saying this because my gelding is perfect weight for a horse his size, but takes up space, and the mare is a bit chubby.)

Is there any other way I could organize 3 horses in the trailer? Or is diagonal the only way? (I'm just wondering this if someday I got another horse. I plan to trail ride, so transporting multiple horses would be a must. Plus if I went on a ride with someone who didn't have a trailer, it would be nice to be able to say "hey, we have space in our trailer."

Sorry for the novel, but I am sort of a newbie, though I have been with horses for nearly 8 years now, more than half my life. :3

maura 02-18-2011 06:32 PM

It sounds to me like you have a standard 16' stock trailer. Fasten the divider in an open position and you can actually haul four horses. Tie each one on the left side of the trailer and allow to stand on a diaganol and they'll haul just fine.

You could concievably put two smaller, short coupled horses in the front compartment and two in the back, facing front like a standard two horse, but they won't haul anywhere near as well. Horses haul much better standing on the diaganol, hence the increasing popularity of slant loads.

I always found if I put hay/feed/tack in the front compartment and horses in the back, the trailer was weighted unevenly and swayed must worse. (Horse trailers need to have 60% or more of their wieght in front of the axle.) I'd much rather put the equipment in the towing vehicle and let the horses have the stock trailer to themselves.

PaintHorseMares 02-18-2011 06:35 PM

I won't comment on whether they would fit safely or not, but I would consider the weight. I doubt most two horse trailers (suspension, brakes, etc) are designed to safely carry the weight of three horses.

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