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CrufflerSteve 04-14-2008 12:51 AM

Oversized frog
My wife and I jumped in and bought our horses in October. I got a 17 year old quarterhorse gelding and she got a 6 year old quarterhorse/thoroughbred mix mare. The gelding got Nutreena Senior as his grain and the mare was getting a pretty basic oats. We asked people about Senior and the consensus was it is easy to digest so we put her on it. We watched their diet over the winter and the gelding is no longer fat, just a lot of muscle. Since the mare now has a pasture to run in her chest is way bigger and she's added lots of well defined muscle. The vet was very pleased.

The question is the frogs on the mare. Our horses are barefoot since we live on dirt roads with mostly dirt trails. The problem is that her frogs have grown massively and on the last few rides has seemed a bit of a tenderfoot. The farrier doesn't think its a problem but I worry.Has anybody seen anything like this? We're contemplating putting her back onto a basic, less sweet feed.

Thy do some grazing and get Timothy hay. Could this frog growth be diet related? I'd like to avoid a lame horse. The gelding is on the same diet and has no growth.


Vidaloco 04-14-2008 07:23 AM

Hi Steve! Glad to hear your kids are doing so well. My farrier has an online assessment at if you want to give her a shout. I wouldn't worry about the size as much as the ouchies.
She is a member here too so she may come in.

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