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TaMMa89 02-19-2011 07:57 AM

Other people who work on social field/social field students here?
I know there are some here. So crawl out of your hideouts and join the discussion! :wink: It'd be nice to get some international talk here.

I'm personally in my 1st year in college studying social field. If somebody had told me few years ago that I'll end up to choose social career, I'd have thought that this person have to be nuts. That's because I've been pretty introvert and shy. Back in comprehensive/ upper secondary school times barely wanted to have contact with people outside of my very trusted friend circle. It took some time to think what I want to do with my life and career path and, surprisingly, I ended up to the decision that I'd love to have work which is variable, in which I can have contacts with different people, practice some guiding and, what's the most important, in which I can serve my community and help people who need help. I found my values are very humane and I want to be there for people who need it. Besides that I kind of worked at a children's home in the previous summer and absolutely liked it.

I've still some job to do as to accommodating my previous "me" with that new "career role". I admit I can be a bit nervous or unsure when meeting new people and it's pretty new thing to me to be the instructor in some situations, but as the 1st year student, I think I'm pretty lot practising yet and have noticed my social skills have kind of rised from "introvert" to "average". Besides that I remind myself that there are need all kind of personalities (except totally unsocial) in social field and every personality type has something to offer it :-). I think I would consider child protection as one of my future career fields, other fields would be work with intoxicant abusers, people who've mental health problems or becoming a social instructor. Also some kind of more theoretical work like an officer at some office would be one of choices. Unluckily my upcoming degree won't qualify me to work as a social worker unless I'll have some extra education. We'll have an internship period soon and I'm going to do it at the children's home I mentioned above. We do also some projects in working life, I'm doing my project with people who're long-term unemployed.

I also love our college class. About half of it consist of young adults in their early 20ish, the rest are adults whose age distribution varies from their late 20ish to something over 40. The team spirit is awesome, we all support each others and even there sure are cliques like every school or workplace do have, you can always approach any of your classmates and they're open to you.

How about you? What's your story and how do you like about your work or studies?

TaMMa89 02-27-2011 11:46 AM

Bump... I can't be the only one, can I?

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